Here we are sharing a piece of sad and shocking news with you. Recently the video of the incident has come on the internet that a 21 years old guy passed away on Sunday. He died while he was dancing to Garba tunes in Gujarat’s Anand District. Recently this news has come on the internet and this news went viral on social media platforms. Many people are shocked after hearing his passing news. Currently, people are searching the news on the internet because they are very curious to know about the whole matter of the incident. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article.

21-year-old Gujarat's Anand District Youth Performing Garba Collapses

According to the report, A 21 years old man died on Sunday during the dance in Gujarat’s Anand district. The Garba session has been organised by Tarapur’s Shiv Shakti Society in Anand. Virendra Singh Ramesh Bhai Rajput was dancing the Garba and during the dance, he fell unconscious. Abd the full incident was recorded on a video made by his friend. 21 years old man’s sudden death made everyone shocked. And his passing news is circulating on social networking sites. So please read the complete article, for getting the whole information about the news.

According to the report, The tragic incident took place at the Navratri celebration. The 21 years old man was identified as Virendra Singh Ramesh Bhai Rajput. When Virendra Singh Ramesh Bhai Rajput. He was taken to the hospital. As per the report, He passed away due to a heart attack. In similar instances from the recent past, people were seen dying all of a sudden during energetic dance performances. It is a very tragic incident. Lots of people are very shocked after hearing this news. scroll down the page for more information about the news.

As far as we know, Earlier, a 20-year-old artiste passed away on stage when the artiste was performing a live show in Jammu, while a middle-aged man collapsed to death when exhibiting his dancing skills at a birthday party in Bareily. Currently, this type of case increasing day by day. This incident video went viral on social networking sites. Here we have shared all the information which we had. If we will get any information about the news then we will share it with you as soon as possible. Follow social telecast for more updates.

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