New day New Horrifying crimes were reported in the city of Dreams New York. The latest horrifying incident is about a group of thugs brutally armed slashing a tourist in the face on Saturday morning 10 September. This latest incident has been very harrowing for everyone.

Woman slashed in the face by armed thugs at NYC subway station as transit-related crime rises

The New York City police authorities have stated that the unprovoked attack happened at the Chelsea subway station. The victim has been identified as 30 years old from Belgium. Although the police officials have not released the name of the victim. The reports from the popular media house The New York Post reported that around four or five assailants assaulted the victim Belgian woman while she walking down the south of staircase. The unfortunate and brutal incident happened at the A/C/E station at West 23rd Street and eighth avenue.

The reports from the police officials claimed that the group of attackers approached and cut her face. The Belgian woman was assaulted badly was suffered with a major wound. The victim was provided medical aid immediately after the incident. The cops are investigating the case and soon they might reveal some updates regarding this case. Another barbaric incident happened at the New York subway station just a day before this attack on a Belgian woman. This another incident happened in the Times Square area. A 21-year-old tourist was raped by a man. The woman was sent to Bellevue Hospital for treatment after the assault. The incident took place on September 1 at 3 am. The victim woman was at the tourist hotspot when the assaulter showed up. The assaulter initiated a conversation with the tourist while offering his help to find her way around the station.

The woman was then accosted and raped inside the station. The incident has been harrowing. The victim woman is currently devastated by this barbaric sexual assault. The crime rate has been drastically increased in New York City. The authorities and administration of the city are lacking far behind in providing safety to the citizens and visitors. These latest crime incidents with tourists have been devastating. New York City is in a dire state and the authorities are ignoring the fact thus the public is suffering. The authorities must control the increasing crime rate in the city or else the city of dreams will no longer be the same that it used to be. We will update you with all the developments in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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