9xmovie in 9x Movies 2020

9xMovies 2020

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9xMovies is a website that is responsible for providing movies for Free to its users. So basically 9xMovies 2020 is a pirated content website that provides movies and other stuff without any cost! So a next obvious and basic question is what are the movies available on 9xMovies 2020?.

9xmovies 2020
9xmovies 2020

There is no definite answer to this question. You can find movies that released some years ago to the latest released movie. So what are the types of movies available on 9xMovies 2020? Some of the most common types of movies that are available on 9xmovies are:

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  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Marathi Movies

Along with the ones mentioned above you can also find a variety of regional movies. All you have to do is visit the 9xmovies website, enter the movie you wish to download and you are good to go!

Hollywood Movie in Hindi Download and 9xMovies 2020

One good thing about 9xMovies Website is that they provide Hollywood Movie in Hindi Download. There are many countries in the world that do not have English as their primary language. But on the other hand, the people residing in the country are fans of Hollywood Movies and they wish to Hollywood Movie in Hindi Download.

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Sometimes people also pronounce Hollywood Movie in Hindi Download as Hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi download. So,the people facing this problem have nothing to worry about. 9xMovies Takes care of this problem. You can find Hollywood movies dubbed in basically three languages

  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

If you are lucky then once in a while you may also find movies that are dubbed in the Marathi and other regional languages as well!

Dual Audio Movies for 9xMovies 2020

This is similar to the Dubbed Movies section. But here there is a slight twist in the movie that you download. in Hollywood Dubbed Movie download what happens is that the movie that you are intending to download has only one audio which is either Hindi, Tamil, Telugu depending on the type you selected to download.

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But in Dual Audio Movies what happens is that the Movie that you are supposed to download is basically two languages. For example Hindi+English. You can either watch the movie in English or Hindi it is entirely dependent on you, you are given the liberty to watch.

The Dual Audio Movie file comes bundled with the video file itself. You need not do anything. Some of the most common types of Dual Audio Movies combinations are:

  • Hindi+ English
  • Tamil+ English
  • Telugu+English

9xmovies 300mb or also known as 300mb movies 9x

9xmovies offers movies download options in various sizes. You are free to download movies in any size you want to. There are movies that are literally 4-5 Gb in size that are available and there are movies that are in the size of 750-800 MB available as well.

The one movie size that stands out literally is the 300mb movie size. If you visit the website, you can find a section named 9xmovies 300mb wherein you can download any movie of your choice in literally 300 Mb. One of the most famous 9xmovies 300mb movie is Geetha Govindam. You can literally download the movie in 300mb size.

There is of course some compromise when it comes to the size of the movie. We have to adjust that there is no other option left. If you really want to download the best quality movie then obviously you have to download movies in size of 1gb to 3gb! You have to note that 300mb movies 9x and 9xmovies 300mb are the same.

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 Is 9xmovie.in or 9xmovies.in working?

9xmovies is actually a pirated movie downloading website. Since it is a pirated website, it is not a legal thing. The government has banned the website several times. The owners of this website are very smart people. They come up with a unique domain each and every time. One of them is 9xmovie.in or also spelled as 9xmovies.in.

So the real question is 9xmovie.in working in 2020? Neither we nor anyone can guarantee the working of any 9xmovie website. You yourself can check out if 9xmovie.in (9xmovies.in) is working by googling 9xmovie.in or if you are good with technology, you can always use the 9xmovie proxy (mentioned below!)

9xmovies Proxy List

Like I have mentioned before, 9xmovies is banned due to its nature. There are a couple of ways to access the website though. One of the first and simple ways to access 9xmovies is to connect your device to a VPN i.e a Virtual Private Network. Once you get connected to the VPN you can access some of the premium 9xmovies websites like 9xmovies.cc, 9xmovies.pw

Now, the problem here is that even with a VPN some times it is difficult to get access to the 9xmovies website. Here comes the 9xmovies proxy list in to play. 9xmovies proxy is just an alternate or say a mirror website of the main 9xmovies website which might be working. So, below is the table, I have listed premium 9xmovies proxies.




9xmovies 300mb

9x movies net


9xmoviez. com

9xmovie top


9x movies.win


9xmovies today

9xmovies info




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What are some 9xmovies alternatives?

9xmovies is one of the best websites in the market when it comes to delivering good movies at the cost of literally nothing. It is always better to have alternatives to anything. This is a generalized statement you can apply it anywhere. So, what are some 9xmovies alternatives? You can find a list of 9xmovies alternatives below!

The above mentioned websites are some of the most commonly used 9xmovies alternatives. You can literally have hundreds and thousands of alternatives for 9xmovies.

What are some legal 9xmovies alternatives?

There are a lot of legal 9xmovies alternatives that you can find on the web. Some of them are:

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  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime
  • Zee5
  • Jiocinema and more

Is it okay to download movies from 9xmovies website?

That is totally a subjective thing. We certainly would not advise bor encourage to take this path since it is not a good way to download movies in any manner. Again, this is your final call whether to download movies from the website. If you feel you are safe you may, but it is general advice to stay away from such websites!


This article has been written for the purpose of giving you information only. Thewikibiography.com does not write articles for the purpose of promoting any pirated website, and never encourages downloading movies from pirated websites.

We have only tried to make you aware of the law related to piracy in India. If you still download movies in an illegal way. We in any way will not be responsible for the loss that is caused to you. You will be responsible for this. 9xmovies2020, 9xmovies.in and their subsidiaries are not legal

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