Chandigarh, Sep 22 (IANS) Every one of the 92 lawmakers of Punjab’s decision Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Thursday held a ‘shanti walk’ from the Gathering to the Raj Bhavan here to fight wiping out of the unique Gathering meeting called to bring a certainty movement.

Holding pennants with mottos “Enemy of A majority rules system”, “Congress-BJP Eliminating A vote based system” and “Stop Activity Lotus”, MLAs and laborers raised trademarks against the resistance groups, charging they were attempting to end the advancement of the public authority by working stealthily against the AAP in Punjab.

The MLAs named the Lead representative’s choice of pulling out his prior request calling the extraordinary meeting as a “joke of a majority rules system”.

They said the Resistance groups, including the Congress, the BJP and Miserable were cooperating to debilitate a majority rules system as they are “bewildered by the uncommon working of the AAP government drove by Boss Clergyman Bhagwant Mann”. “In any case, their evil plan will be obstructed by the devoted soldiers of AAP and its supremo Arvind Kejriwal,” a pioneer said.

They blamed the Congress for being a “B-group” of the BJP and turning out underhandedly for the saffron party. They blamed the Lead representative for dropping the Gathering meeting at the command of the BJP and the Resistance heads of moving on the tunes of the BJP to shield their situations in the midst of dangers of the CBI and the Implementation Directorate strikes.

They said the AAP government will gather an extraordinary Gathering meeting on September 27 to examine different issues relating to the state.

The public authority will likewise move toward the High Court against the “erratic and hostile to popularity based choice” of the Lead representative to drop the authorization without taking assent of the committee of pastors, according to the law.

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