Esther Ene, a Nollywood entertainer and business visionary, has composed a close to home letter to her child Chevaughn, who turns three today, October first.

The pleased mother took to Instagram to say thanks to God for the exceptional gift he gave her.

Esther expressed that at whatever point she remembers her good fortune, she counts him two times since he is in excess of a gift to her and her significant other.

Entertainer Esther Ene composes a profound letter to her child as he turns three.

She appealed to God for himself and composed,

“CHEVAUGHN IS 3 Years of age” Blissful birthday, @ojirechevaughn, my exceptional present from God, who has given us pleasure and made us guardians. I give the favors of God to you, child. You become stronger and satisfy predetermination’s motivation for your life; you will be more prominent and better than your friends; and the Master’s hand will direct every step you take throughout everyday life. In the event that I remember my good fortune, I count you two times since you are a lot more to us. The Master will keep, gatekeeper, guide, and direct you. This day, I order and pronounce: You are perfect, you are honored, you are solid, you are wise, you will pursue the ideal choices throughout everyday life, you won’t die, you won’t fizzle, you will be a gift to your age, you will cherish and prevail in the entirety of your undertakings, you are genuinely Honored. So be it I revere you with each fiber of my being. My child, develop and do takes advantage of. “CHEVAUGHN CHIYEME OJIRE, blissful birthday.”

Entertainer Esther Ene composes a close to home letter to her child as he turns three.

Esther Ene and her better half, Philip Ojire, praised their commemoration in style in July. The couple, who wedded in July 2016 and have a child together, as of late celebrated six years of marriage delight. Esther Ene spouted about her significant other while expressing gratitude toward God.

She said thanks to him for all that he accomplishes for the family, giving him kind words.

Esther communicated her affections for him.

“There isn’t a lot to say with the exception of THANK YOU Ruler For quite some time OF Union with THE MOST Benevolent AND Astonishing MAN IN MY LIFE.” Thank you for everything, Mr O, and God favor you. Saying I love you is undervalued. I see myself as very lucky to have you in my corner until the end of my life. @philipojire, Cheerful WEDDING Commemoration!”

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