Afghanistan| Judith Carmona Missionary Hoax & Facebook- Who Is She?

Judith Carmona is a missionary from Chihuahua who has gone viral for spreading a message concerning the execution of 229 missionaries on Twitter. 

A viral message is trending on Twitter about 229 Christain missionaries, who’ve been sentenced to demise by Afghan Islamic extremists on August 18. 

Social media customers warned the world concerning the execution and requested individuals to hope for these missionaries. A Twitter consumer, @JDoming3, stated the message was despatched by Judith Carmona, a missionary from Chihuahua. 

Judith Carmona is a viral missionary from Chihuahua who’s in South Africa.

In response to the present social media thread, she unfold a message on Fb that greater than 200 Christain missionaries are going to be executed in Afghanistan on August 18.

The message has gone viral and netizens from all around the world are requesting to hope for these missionaries and their households on social media. 

Nonetheless, some customers declare that the message is a hoax and has no fact in it in anyway. 

Th supply, Judith, couldn’t be traced on Fb or some other social networking websites, and it’s not sure if she eliminated her account voluntarily or not. 

Judith Carmona Missionary Hoax & Fb

Judith Carmona’s viral message has scared the dwelling out of their minds, who assume {that a} mass execution of missionaries is unacceptable. 

Because it seems, the message is a hoax. Twitter consumer, @FlatheadMama, claimed she researched Carmona and 229 missionaries and the information about their execution dates again to 2017. 

She claimed the information might be false and requested everybody to test their info twice earlier than spreading them on social media. @FlatheadMama was right as an identical message was shared round 4 years in the past, claiming the mass homicide of over 200 Christain missionaries.

The message surfaced as soon as once more in 2020. 

 As per, the Catholic Data Company (ACI) corroborated the message and confirmed that Christian missionaries had been sentenced to demise. Some experiences claimed 29 missionaries had been sentenced, whereas some claimed 229 missionaries had been sentenced to be executed. 

The identical web site additionally claimed the prayer chain has been circulating on the web for a number of years. Its origin is linked to a Catholic web site in 2007, that unfold the identical message and the 229 missionaries. 

Eventually, the web site concluded the information is fake and fully faux. 

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