AidenProjects is an American Youtuber known for posting editorial recordings on different subjects on the web. In any case, he is generally broadly known for his discourse on the attention show Babies and Crowns, named “The Most awful Show Made.”

He is a New York-based video manager who has made recordings for a few Youtubers. Furthermore, he used to make proficient and individual recordings for content makers, which was his kind of revenue.

The Youtube content maker has an immense and faithful fan following. His recordings on different on the web and TV programs about Karens and frauds have been seen huge number of times on Youtube.

Who Is AidenProjects On YouTube? AidenProjects is the YouTube record of Aiden Owen, a 17-year-old American observer, most popular for his video, The Most exceedingly terrible Show Made, where he remarks on the tender loving care reality series, Babies and Crowns.

Full Name Aiden Owen
Known As AidenProjects, AidenIsOnline
Date of Birth March 7, 2005
Place of Birth New York, USA
Nationality American
Occupation Youtube commentator, video editor
Subscribers 779K

He is an expert video manager from New York who utilized content makers to make proficient recordings or general recordings for them. He alters his YouTube recordings without anyone else.

The 17-year-old has one more Youtube Channel, AidenIsOnlone, that he made on Walk 2018. Furthermore, he has a video named ‘Tormenting Discussion With Crazy Liberal Gets Heated…” which he transferred prior in August 2022, where he bantered with an individual from the web-based legislative issues local area PragmaticLeftist.

He was called Astro when he initially began Youtube editorial. At the point when he had 70 supporters, he was in a problem with a Youtuber called ItzGottiSP, who chose to make a video on a more modest pundit, and Astro helped him out. Following that, individual Youtuber MessyBugatti gave him a holler, and Astro passed 100 endorsers.

What Is AidenProjects’ Genuine Name? AidenProjects’ genuine name is Aiden Owen. He was born in New York on Walk 7, 2005, and is at present 17.

He began making content on the web at 12 years old, when he would post analysis recordings on different titles. He got renowned for his straightforward methodology and amazing show.

Likewise, Aiden’s video altering and ordering method made spreads out of watchers, who might get back to his channel for more content. Furthermore, the 12-year-old conveyed. He created recordings on a few points and began acquiring a flood of supporters. At only 12 years old, Aiden began making great content with incredible and insightful editorial, which assisted him with getting huge watchers and admirers.

The vast majority of his recordings are discourses on a portion of the crazy two-timers tracked down on the web and TV. Individuals are entranced by the young people’s information and the way in which he talks on those issues.

More About AidenProjects Aiden is dearest companion with Jako, usually known as Jakontary, an individual Youtuber who makes narrative esque recordings. He ordinarily alters Aiden’s recordings.

Aiden’s Youtube channel was hacked a year prior. He refreshed his fundamental channel’s local area segment after he got his channel back, stating, “At long last got my channel back subsequent to being hacked. Life counsel, don’t tap on joins from arbitrary Russian messages.’

It’s been over a year since Aiden posted a video on his primary channel. His last video was “The Adolescent Criminal That TikTok Shielded,” where he talked around 18-year-old Cameron Herrin, who foolishly took two lives in 2018.

AidenProjects Total assets In 2022 It is assessed that AidenProjects is actually worth $100,000.

The content maker’s essential kind of revenue is his YouTube channel, which huge number of individuals view day to day. As per Socialblade, Aiden’s channel procures him $32 to $511 yearly.

He has 779K supporters on his Youtube channel, where he has transferred a few recordings. In any case, at present, his channel just comprises of 21 recordings as he has erased a few recordings, including “Make Discourse Extraordinary Once more,” because of a contention.

In the video, he makes sense of the fundamental stages for being a superior observer and how the critique local area can show improvement over in the state they are in at this point. He additionally erased recordings that fumed and uncovered recordings toward other YouTubers, like WildSpartanz, Jake Paul, and RiceGum.

He made the divert in February 2017 and transferred his most memorable video, “The Feeling of dread toward Uber,” in November of that very year. He would remark on different issues while showing an interactivity video of the computer game named Neon Drive.

AidenProjects On YouTube Discussions And Conversations
Aiden has showed up in a few YouTubers’ recordings where he talks about different issues with them. He gives his perspective on things about the web culture and peculiarities.

He has showed up for the YouTuber Doc on the Radio a few times. He has bantered with any semblance of Flamenco, MrGirl, Lerix, and Smaggledaggle on Doc’s channel. His perspectives are very much upheld by watchers who respect him for having such an incredible vision of things quite early on.

The young pundit has additionally spoken on Youtuber Nicholas DeOrio’s video, “The Acheeto Charges (accomplishment Aiden) | Nicholas DeOrio,” where he examines a few points.

AidenProjects YouTube Recordings AidenProjects as of now has 21 recordings on his Youtube channel. The vast majority of his recordings are seen north of 1,000,000 times.

He has posted recordings, for example, “The Universes Biggest Gold Digger..” around a 90-Day Life partner couple, Jorge Nava and Russian life partner Anfisa Arkhipchenko. The video has been seen 3.9 multiple times as of September 2022.

One more of his #1 video is “Cringey Kid ‘Rapper’ Makes A Dreadful Tune About Dismissal,” where he talks about the abominations of the American rapper Matthew David Morris also known as MattyBRaps. The video likewise has 3.9 million perspectives.

He likewise posted a video named “Insane Woman Believes She’s The Sovereign Of Britain,” which has 4.1 million perspectives. The video is about a truTV unscripted TV drama called Bad-to-the-bone Pawn.

The 17-year-old has posted recordings, for example, “‘Savage’ Youngster Truly Trusts He’s In GTA,” “I Endure a Whole Dhar Mann Video..,” “Ruined Young lady Thinks She Possesses ‘Everything,’” and “Crazy Youngster Is Really Persuaded He’s Batman.”

AidenProjects And Chubbs Debate AidenProjects was in a huge debate with individual Youtube content maker Chubbs quite a while back. He was only 12 years of age when he got defrauded by the famous pundit.

In December 2017, Chubbs requested that Aiden make a sound bite for him for cash. In any case, after Aiden made him the clasp, Chubbs didn’t pay the 12-year-old like he referenced he would.

After the video was delivered, Chubbs confronted extensive backfire and analysis from watchers as he almost lost 10,000 endorsers in half a month. He became known as “Misleading a 12-year-old.” that very month, iNabber made a video refering to why Chubbs is a controller and a deceiver.

Then again, Aiden’s divert got a flood in supporters and watchers, because of the contention. He got a holler from individual content maker Keemstar from DramaAlert. He gave Aiden a holler, which assisted him with acquiring more than 100,000 supporters in only a couple of days.

From that point forward, Chubbs has apologized to Aiden, guaranteeing that things are presently cool between them. The two additionally played Fortnite together.

AidenProject Endorsers Achievement Aidenproject presently has 779K supporters on his channel. The following is the endorser achievement of AidenProject’s Youtube channel, as indicated by SocialBlade. The real date might shift by a couple of days because of contrasts in time regions.

100,000 supporters: December 29, 2017
200,000 supporters: February 27, 2018
300,000 supporters: Walk 1, 2018
400,000 supporters: Walk 3, 2018
500,000 supporters: Walk 8, 2018
600,000 supporters: May 5, 2018
700,000 supporters: September 7, 2018
800,000 supporters: January 7, 2019
Video Perspectives Achievement
AidenProjects right now has 51.5 million video sees. The following is the video sees achievement of the AidenProject channel on Youtube.

10,000,000 video sees: Walk 3, 2018
20,000,000 video sees: Walk 29, 2018
30,000,000 video sees: June 6, 2018
40,000,000 video sees: December 20, 2018
50,000,000 video sees: undefined

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