Scottish nobleman named Alexander Sutherland who is also known as Lord Strathnaver has recently been found dead at the base of a nine-meter high cliff in Thurso East which is nearby Thurso Castle since the 19th century.

Alexander Sutherland Lord Strathnaver

According to the reports, Alexander Sutherland’s dead body was found on Saturday 3 September. As soon as the information about Alexander was revealed, a life rescue boat was immediately rushed towards Thurso East. The paramedics tried to revive him by giving him CPR and other emergency treatments, but Alexander couldn’t be survived. The Scottish noblemen were seen in the ‘Tunes in the Dune’ music event last week. He went to the Dunnet in the northern British mainland. He was an avid surfer, and his close friends revealed about him. His family and friends all are massively shocked and shattered by his sudden and unfortunate passing away.

Who Was Alexander Sutherland?

Alexander Sutherland was 40 years old great surfer. He was the 24th heir of the countess of Sutherland. He received this position after the demise of her grandmother Elizabeth back in the year 2019. Elizabeth was 98 years at the time she passed away. Alexander Sutherland was the lone child of Alistair Sutherland who was the 25th earl of Sutherland. The family is currently devastated after knowing about his sudden and unfortunate passing away. The family is facing a second tragedy in just a span of 3 years. Elizabeth inherited the Thurso castle back in the year 1963 when the fifth duke Sutherland passed away. She got the Thurso castle because the fifth Duke of Sutherland died without an heir.

The Sutherland clan is one of the noble houses and clans of Scotland. Alexander’s grandmother Elizabeth left most of her trust and will to the castle and a sum of money for her family and grandchildren. The Sutherland family is currently devastated after losing Alexander Sutherland. No one could ever imagine that he could pass away at such a young age of 41 and that too tragically. His sudden passing away has been very painful news of this week. According to the reports, many people have come out on social media and paid their hearty tributes to lord Strathnaver. They all have prayed for the peace of his soul and his family, who is in massive pain after losing him. There are no updates from the family regarding him. We will update you if they release any official statement on this. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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