In the relatively recent past, fans and a plenty of virtual entertainment clients, including Nollywood entertainer Alexx Ekubo, were communicating their responses after a famous Nigerian tycoon and business magnate, Cubana Boss Minister, dropped new photographs of himself with pomp and circumstance.

This photograph was posted on his checked Instagram account, where he has amassed for himself an enormous number of devotees. In the photograph, the Imo-born socialite, who is right now partaking in a get-away in Lagos state, should be visible wearing a Dansiki fashioner outfit while he postures to flaunt his recently obtained white Benz.

By the by, virtual entertainment has turned into a stage that superstars use to flaunt their riches and lavish ways of life, and Cubana Boss Cleric, whose genuine name is Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, is very known for much of the time exhibiting his colorful way of life to engage his fans.

True to form, following the post surfaced on the web, Nollywood hotshot Alexx Ekubo thus numerous other people who went over the photograph immediately hurried down to the remark box segment to communicate their responses according to alternate points of view.

By Graham Tyler

Graham is one of the cheif writers for our team and loves to Write about various topics in the entertainment world. He is a hobby entertainment columnist.

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