Alfonso Ribeiro has wandered into Tom Bergeron’s moving shoes not once yet twice. Besides, in the event that the new Raising a ruckus around town floor with the Stars co-have had his druthers, he should step into Bergeron’s perspective again and again and again.

Before the time 31 presentation Monday, Sept. 19 on Disney+, Ribeiro chatted with ET’s Matt Cohen and zeroed in on co-working with DWTS and how he’s not any more uncommon to imitating Bergeron’s model. As a matter of some importance, Ribeiro welcomed over Bergeron’s working with commitments on America’s Most entertaining back Home Accounts in October 2015 following Bergeron’s 15-season run.

It’s moreover not at whatever point Ribeiro first will co-have DWTS. In like manner in October 2015, Ribeiro filled in for one episode, after Bergeron missed a show to be at his cleared out father’s bedside. Yet again directly following getting the call as of late that they’d like him to be a durable co-have, Ribeiro said he bobbed on the phone and chatted with Bergeron about it while furthermore joking about Ribeiro, imitating his model.

“Tom and I talk every so often,” Ribeiro tells ET. “I’m like, Tom needs to get one more tremendous show since when AFV and Raising a ruckus around town floor with the Stars end, I truly need another work that I need to get, right? Tune in, I can’t muster the energy to care. Get a nice one, and when you’re done getting it going, I’ll come get that one. We joke continually about that. I copy his model, no question.”

Bergeron shared his energy after Ribeiro was proclaimed as the new co-have. Regardless, perhaps nobody’s more amped available than Ribeiro’s drawn out pal, DWTS co-have Tyra Banks, who cleaned up why the move off of ABC for Disney+ required an ensuing host.

“Subsequently, with the extension of Disney+ there’s an altogether unique way to deal with doing the show and it’s hard to have the show alone,” Banks says. “It’s impossible considering no promotions, hoping to clear the sets in this manner we understand that we expected to have a co-have. They said one name to me. One. The first. You [Ribeiro] were not down the summary. The first, and I was like, ‘Stop not excessively far off.’ I was like, ‘People will be focused on this.’”

It’s substantial. Ribeiro and Banks go quite far back to their days on New Sovereign of Bel-Air, her most essential acting gig.

“I love this man,” Banks says. “I review that we used to battle on set. I was 19 years old. He used to nudge me. I used to goad him back. It was awesome.”

Those aren’t her principal memories.

“I review two things obviously,” Banks says. “One is, you would hear Will Smith before you saw him. Subsequently, he was a splendid trailblazer. He would come in like, ‘What’s up everybody?’ Things had been like this announcement of his voice that he saw energy. Moreover, you know, I was energetic and questionable. First acting position. I didn’t have even the remotest clue what on earth I was doing and it was a family. Moreover, notwithstanding the Banks of the characters, but they were a real gathering of love. In this manner, hearing his voice was great. What’s more, a short time later there was Alfonso. Alfonso was this phenomenal, this odd warmth that I felt with you, but I moreover felt like a kin that I would push.”

Nevertheless, their affiliation goes farther than the NBC sitcom. Ribeiro was in the seventh grade and Banks in the fourth grade when they went to a comparative community school in Los Angeles. She surveys Ribeiro appearing in Michael Jackson promotions and other work on TV that made him a popular youth in school.

“He had these fans around him around early afternoon continually,” Banks assessed. “I truly snapped your photograph – – you had no colleague with it – – I really have it. It was crazy. Furthermore, a while later the next year, Gary Coleman came to our school. It was, like, the celebrity school. I wasn’t a celebrity, yet I was chasing after all of you.”

That Ribeiro’s been a past DWTS champion (he won season 19 with Whitney Carson as his assistant) is something Banks thinks will simply make him an even more adjusted have.

“He knows this show from the particular to the significant, like, he really knows

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