To pay tribute to her mom’s birthday, Nollywood entertainer and financial specialist Annie Macaulay Idibia made a promise to her.

Elegance Essien, a mother of three, turned another age yesterday, October 1, and her girl gave her friendship.

Annie Idibia vowed to check all that off her list of must-dos and to show her the world, considering her mom a “extraordinary diamond.”

As per Annie Idibia, her mom is everything, even her dearest companion.

Annie respected her for continuously letting affection and harmony rule, for continuously being there for her, and in particular for having an easy-going heart.

“Cheerful Birthday to the best mother, best grandmother… . Best mother by marriage ever liveth!!! Your child melody “Genuine Love” says everything!!

Much obliged to you for continuously being there… Thank you for giving my children, the best grandmother ever…

Thank you for cherishing heart… For continuously letting love n harmony lead… you are an interesting diamond!

My children, my better half… .we are all sooooo favored to have you… You generally put us n our requirements before yours…

Your!!! It is Uncommon to Excuse heart!!! In Aladdin voice “I will show you the world”. I guarantee you I will tick all your list of must-dos…

I guarantee you my best friend, my main tattle party… my beginning and end… I love you such a lot of sister! Mbok make a wish… and I will make it happen! N more.

Eka Annie!! A mi so adiaga Beauty!! We love you Cheerful birthday sister. Indeed we grew up considering our mother sister cos every one of her kin called her that!!… … “.

By Graham Tyler

Graham is one of the cheif writers for our team and loves to Write about various topics in the entertainment world. He is a hobby entertainment columnist.

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