San Francisco, Oct 9 (IANS) An Apple Watch has supposedly been credited with recognizing a lady’s pregnancy before she was even mindful of it.

As per a 34-year-elderly person on Reddit, the watch showed that her normal resting pulse had essentially expanded in only a couple of days, which made her suspect that something was off.

“Typically, my resting pulse is around 57 and my pulse has expanded to 72. It’s anything but a big leap, yet it appeared on a ready that it’s been higher for 15 days. I began attempting to sort out why,” she composed on the stage.

“The watch realized I was pregnant in what would seem like no time! I couldn’t ever have at any point tried without wearing my watch since I have not had a period to be late on one,” she added.

In the mean time, the tech goliath uncovered Apple Watch Series 8 in India, which conveys top tier wellbeing highlights, including an imaginative temperature sensor that empowers progressed highlights for ladies’ wellbeing and Crash Recognition for extreme vehicle crashes.

Apple Watch Series 8 beginnings at Rs 45,900 and Apple Watch SE begins at Rs 29,900. HDFC offers a cashback of Rs 3,000 on Apple Watch Series 8 and Rs 2,000 on Apple Watch SE.

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