Francisco Ferreras is a well known Cuban jumper. He is notable by his nickname Pippin, and for his achievements in profound free plunging.

Ferreras is likewise very much perceived for wedding Audrey Mestre, a French world unrivaled freediver. He has established a few Worldwide bests all through the 1990s, oftentimes clashing with Italian Umberto Pelizzari.

In January 2000, Ferreras made his last recorded plunge, going 12 meters further than Pelizzari’s past record at a profundity of 162 meters (531 feet)

Audrey Mestre

Born 11 August 1974


Died October 12, 2002 (aged 28)

Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Nationality French
Occupation Marine biologist, professional free-diver
Spouse Francisco Rodriguez aka. Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras 1999-2002

Where Could Francisco Ferreras Now be? rancisco Ferreras presently lives in Miami, Florida, with his better half and relatives. He is 60 years of age in 2022.

As of now, Ferreras is cheerfully hitched to his second spouse Juscelina Cacau Melo 2012. His significant other is a Canadian previous South Beach model,

Prior to beginning his freediving profession, Ferreras lived in Cuba, yet little is had some significant awareness of its assurance.

Before long, the two began dating, and Mestre wound up wedding the jumper multiple times. Mestre in the end began taking part in the game herself, and not long later, she broke the world record for female jumpers. In any case, misfortune struck on October 12, 2002, when Mestre endeavored to break her better half’s past record by north of thirty feet.

Born in Matanzas on Cuba’s northern coast, Ferreras began rehearsing free plunging at 5 years old. His life as a youngster moniker was “Pipin,” and years after the fact he added “Ferraras.”

Ferreras takes care of his biography in his book The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession, and Dive The. He portrays meeting Mestre in 1996 in his self-portrayal. As a feature of her proposition research, the sea life science understudy had been looking for Ferreras.

Francisco Ferreras’ Relationship With Audrey Mestre Francisco Ferreras and Audrey Mestre were hitched in the year 1999. Their marriage finished after Mestre’s passing in the year 2002.

In the wake of getting hitched, the couple quickly secured themselves as a standard record-breaking couple in the game of freediving, dividing the people’s records similarly.

An enormous piece of the analysis from the jumping local area was aimed at Ferreras, who hurried an underfunded association for this new record endeavor that was at first planned for a later date, explicitly with too hardly any wellbeing jumpers, deficient salvage hardware, and no specialists adrift or ashore.

In a no-restrictions free jump, the customary plunging strategy includes clutching a weighted sled until the jumper arrives at the ideal profundity, so, all in all they discharge a compressed air tank, which fills a sizable inflatable and lifts them back to the surface.

Francisco Ferreras’ Net Worth In 2022 Francisco Ferreras’ total assets is USD 3 million. He has procured his fortunes from his plunging vocation. The previous title holder is likewise the effective essayist of two books.

Essentially, the assessed total assets of Audrey Mestre was $1.5 million. She was among the most extravagant jumpers in the whole globe.

Mestre went with the choice to break the no-restrictions world record on October 2, 2002, after both had amassed various world records. She was intended to be directed to the water’s surface by her gigantic inflatable, yet it separated after she slipped 171 meters. Mestre died while attempting to beat her own record since her jump took more time than expected and she ran out of air.

Yet again a year after the fact, to pay tribute to his better half, Ferreras pursued the choice to freedive to similar profundity of 171 meters.

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