A couple of hours prior in the house, every one of the excess housemates were anticipating the terrific finale tomorrow.

Adekunle, a step up finalist, was seen talking with Daniella, another finalist, in the house.


In his conversation with Daniella, Adekunle said, “Myself and Rachel began drawing near soon after the nearby bet task”, which I filled you in about.”

“I could do without the way that, since we’re in the house, things have united us and she thinks I’ll simply get private with her.

We are in a house where everyone is watching. It couldn’t really begin that way.

” I called her to have a discourse and she affirmed that she was likewise not searching for any committed relationship, that she simply needed to journey and energy, and at a point, she let me know we could be companions, which we both consented to.” he proceeded.

“The way that she was annoyed when Ebuka talked about me letting you know that I like you is what I don’t grasp about ladies,” he settled.

Daniella, who had paid attention to Adekunle and was hanging tight for him to settle, remarked on the conversation.

She expressed, ” I saw that coming. It’s a lady’s thing.”

In the interim, Rachel had cautioned Daniella against taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Adekunle half a month back before this latest case came up.

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