Last night time, Chomzy, Phyna, Eloswag, Groovy, Sheggz, and Chichi have been chosen by Biggie for a movie night time in the level three residence. After looking their movies, Chomzy faced Phyna on some issues she had together with her.

She advised Phyna how disappointed she was along with her for betraying Amaka and also taking Groovy the identical week Beauty turned into disqualified.

According to Chomzy, Amaka had told Phyna she appreciated Groovy and confided in her to help her communicate to the guy she liked however Phyna did the other and took Groovy. She informed Phyna that her conduct turned into now not what a very good pal might do

Also, Chomzy confronted Phyna on her triangle with Beauty and Groovy. She instructed Phyna that she and Groovy disrespected Beauty with how they moved on so rapid in just one week after her disqualification.

She stated, “Wow! Phyna you probably did now not attempt. You and Groovy switched up so speedy just one week after Beauty’s disqualification. That become very disrespectful to Beauty”.

By Graham Tyler

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