Chichi has been stuck in a web of squabbles considering that day 66 when she reconciled with Phyna. Rachel and Bella have been disillusioned with Chichi for speaking in hushed tones and not airing her grievances. The feud started when Phyna and Rachel exchanged insults.

Rachel’s feelings are walking high as the Season finale techniques, and it’s far clear that the subject was a cause for her. Rachel become disenchanted with Phyna for citing reminiscences of her time in lockdown.

She yelled at Phyna to end the communication. However, a confused Phyna couldn’t determine out why until Bryann and Adekunle cited Fake former Housemate Modella and mentioned that she will be the purpose for Rachel’s outburst.

Chichi’s mumbling within the historical past provoked Bella, who stood by means of Rachel’s side for the duration of the argument. Bella praised Phyna for announcing matters as they’re in a communication with Riders Chizzy and Rachel, and found out that Chichi enjoys talking behind humans’s backs.

Chichi lamented to Phyna in the Garden approximately Rachel and Bella’s dislike for her, saying she couldn’t understand why the Housemates were against her.

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