Season 7 of Big Brother Nigeria Sheggz, a housemate, is making wedding arrangements with Bella, his old flame, on an island in Europe.

After their cozy Friday night date, Sheggz uncovered his arrangements to wed Bella on the island of Bora.

Mr. Ikoyi answered that he was ready to pay for 100 guests when interrogated concerning the limitations on participation’ travel grants.

Sheggz further accentuated that the wedding arrangements were not made up; rather, he means to do his profound longing.

Following a heartfelt night out on the town plan for housemates Sheggz and Bella on Friday night, enthusiasts of “Shella” prior communicated their responses.

This comes after the female housemate’s interest to separate their companionship as a result of Modella.

The couple, who are referred to fans as Mr. and Mrs. Ikoyi, were blessed to receive a heartfelt supper date by the show’s makers.

The feasting setting included candles, roses, a jug of wine, and all the other things expected to make an extraordinary night stunningly better.

Sheggz accompanied Bella in while different housemates blushed remotely, however Bella showed bashfulness as she subsided into the date.

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