Chichi and Rachel’s quarrels have transformed into a noticeable gap that their Housemates and fans can never again disregard after their new disagreement regarding the Showmax ticket, which saw Chichi appreciate film night honors.

Bella and Rachel were both avoided with regards to the rundown of Housemates who might go to the Showmax film night, which Chichi, Eloswag, Sweet, Phyna, and Sheggz joined in. Rachel was unyielding that she bought a ticket with her Pocket Naira and, surprisingly, asked Hermes (the Head of House when the Housemates went out to shop) to beg Biggie for her benefit, a solicitation that Big Brother denied.

The extraordinary discussion that happened was a long ways from the happy minutes the two of them once enjoyed with Phyna in the blend that procured them the mark, the Edo sovereigns.

Rachel probably been annoyed by the circumstance since she interrogated Chichi regarding how she was the person who got the consideration at the Showmax film night instead of her. Rachel and Chichi immediately got into a quarrel over the point, with Rachel blaming her for lying.

Chichi, who wouldn’t acknowledge Rachel’s charges, tossed them back at her and not long after looked for Hermes, whose name was referenced in the discussion. She depicted the contention and added that their quarrel didn’t start with the Showmax ticket. Chichi reviewed a battle she had with Rachel after Giddyfia’s ousting, during which Rachel guaranteed his extra eggs as hers.

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