Benjamin Keough, the kid of Lisa Marie Presley, severe himself. His autopsy examination uncovered that he had cocaine and liquor in his framework at that time.

At his mother’s house in Calabasas, Los Angeles, Benjamin died in July at 27 years outdated. His self not set in stone to be the rationale for demise.

He had cocaine and liquor in his framework when he died, as per the autopsy examination report that The Solar had the choice to get.

Diana Pinto utilized a bobby pin to open the locked entryway of Benjamin’s room after the birthday festivity for his higher half to thoughts him. Benjamin had secured himself within the room.

The second Diana discovered him, she dialed 911, and with no additional scientific consideration, he was introduced lifeless on the web site.

A “anticipated verbal rivalry” amongst Ben and Diana was supposedly caught on sound and video reconnaissance, as indicated by the report.

As per the examination, Benjamin had a “previous full of despair,” was “identified to abuse liquor and make the most of illegal opiates, cocaine,” and had purportedly tried to commit suicide 5 to a half 12 months earlier. He visited restoration a number of occasions by and enormous, but simply accomplished this system as soon as, the report states, burning by way of three weeks there someplace within the vary of 4 and 5 months previous his passing.

Moreover, it was expressed that he had a “excessive distress” 90 days earlier, for which he purportedly didn’t search for scientific help and invested a ton of vitality in his room.

Within the Contemplation Nursery at Graceland, Benjamin Presley, Elvis Presley’s solitary grandkid, was lined close to his famend granddad.

Benjamin’s unbelievable extraordinary grandma Minnie Mae Presley and his unbelievable granddad Vernon Presley, who had been the guardians of Elvis, are likewise buried there. Gladys Presley, yet another particular person from the Presley household, is moreover entombed there.

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