These days, unfortunate exploits of better-called crime rate are spreading their feet in all over the world, and now India may also day by day these incidents have increased to such an extent, that hardly a day passes that the news of someone’s death does not come to the fore. Something similar is again hitting the headlines from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) where an Engineering student Gaurav has been stabbed to death at the Petrol pump in the Vijay Nagar area on Friday night, 9th September 2022. Below you could get everything you need to know along with some unknown facts. 

Bhopal Student Gaurav Dola Stabbed to Death in Indore's Petrol Pump

Images Source: News18 Hindi

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the entire incident had been recorded by the surveillance camera which was placed next to Petrol Pump, and therefore, based on the footage further proceeding are being taken ahead by the concerned authorities to detain the defaulters whose prime involvement was standing behind the crime. Because till they were remaining fugitives, but as the investigation is catching the heat everything is coming to the fore. Even, uncounted are condemning the security of the area too, where the crime took place and requesting strict actions too.

Who Was Gaurav Dola?

Reportedly, the police station-in-charge “Ravinder Singh Gurjar” identified the victim as 26-year-old Gourav Dola who hailed from Bhopal and pursuing his engineering studies in MP’s Indore. But he did not have any idea that his death was waiting for him and about to get his life out of his body. It was his friend’s birthday and they wanted to commemorate it with great enthusiasm and therefore, he was trying to bring something but unfortunately, petrol got ended and hence, he reached to fill his bike with the petrol but spontaneously a few came there and due to their vehicle they had an ugly spat that later turned into a lethal dispute.

Initially, the defaulter pushed Gaurav and Mayank from their bike and then asks them to take their steps back as they wanted to go first and did not want to wait for anything. But Gourav usually replies to them and they were not able to bear it and therefore stabbed him in such a manner. But fortunately, his friend Mayank made himself safe and tried to save Gourav too but unluckily they attacked him brutally and fled the scene too. Then he brought him to the nearest medical centre where the doctors pronounced him dead, and sent his body to his family. So if something comes out ahead we will update you stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast.

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