K-dramas have been entertaining the viewers for a long time. Started with Squid Game, the dramas managed to attract a large section of viewers to it. Currently, Big Mouth has become one of the most discussed and trending topics on the internet. It has grabbed the interest of the viewers since the premiere. So far, 15 episodes have been released that entertained the viewers well. Now, everyone is curious to watch episode 16 and when it is going to release. If you are also searching for the same sort of details, check out the article below.

Big Mouth Episode 16

The South Korean drama series surfaces around Park Chang-ho who gets embroiled in a conspiracy when his big mouth lands him in trouble. Well, Chang-ho is playing the role of a below-average lawyer. We saw in the previous episode that Chang-ho agrees to become a spy and learns the truth about Big Mouse. It is in return for the opportunity to succeed. Do-ha, on the other hand, is annoyed by the circumstance and vents his frustration in front of the chairman’s house.

Big Mouth Episode 16 Release Date

On the other hand, Chang-ho reminds him that getting along will benefit them both and make life easier for the two of them. Do-ha, on the other hand, is not in the mood to discuss these subjects and abruptly breaks off their handshake. Mi-ho discovers his mother’s passing while pursuing the Kwang family Yeon in another location. On the other hand, she is worried about what is happening to this family.

It goes without saying that the popular Kdrama Big Mouth’s final episode will be intriguing and entertaining. The identity of Big Mouse’s release will be revealed to the audience in episode 16, which has been a mystery since episode 1. It will also be challenging for Chang Ho to have a happy ending in the series given how chaotic things are right now. But we can count on him to reveal the true Big Mouse and demonstrate his innocence.

In the last episode, we might also get to witness Mi-condition ho’s improvement. They will return to their happy lives if she receives the necessary treatment and beats leukemia. Well, Big Mouse Episode 16 will be released on Saturday, September 17, 2022. The ongoing K-drama will go off-air after telecasting its final episode which has gotten fans all around the world excited. Keep following Social Telecast to get these kinds of updates and the latest news.

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