A horrific incident ensued in Indonesia during one of the most reputed football leagues, BRI Liga 1. A colossal audience arrived at the stadium to enjoy the match, but it ended gruesomely and even claimed numerous lives. The incident was so horrific that it even halted the event for upcoming weeks. The news of the appalling incident went viral all over the Internet and netizens are giving awful reactions to the dreaded incident. According to the latest reports claimed by some significant media, houses asserted that the mishap has claimed more than 100 lives. Get more information on the Indonesia soccer match incident.

BRI Liga 1, Indonesian Soccer

As we mentioned above the BRI Liga 1 is one of the most popular soccer leagues in Indonesia and every season of the league quenches the thirst of all football fans. But this time the match didn’t conclude as it was meant to be. While all the players are swamped to achieve victory and the audience is enjoying the jaw-dropping match just then a disturbance occurred that caused a huge ruckus and people started running hopelessly during the match between Arema FC and Peresebaya Surabaya.

In addition to this, the match of the league was taking place at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang Regency on Saturday, 01 September 2022. The incident turns extremely awful and the stamped claimed the lives of around 174 people. The news of the incident became the talk of the town because of mayhem. The incident even gained the attention of law enforcement and the police chief of Indonesia’s East Java province addressed the media for the enormous loss. Police Chief Nico Afinta informed the reporters that the investigation team is interrogating the cause of this horrendous incident. As of now, he asserted that tear gas supporters are responsible for the mishap.

The chief further informed that the sports organisation had to expel tear gas supporters from the losing side that invaded the pitch during the match between Arema FC and Peresebaya Surabaya. The gas caused a stampede which caused suffocation. Moreover, a total of 34 people had been rushed to the hospital where he was declared lifeless after die-hard attempts of saving their lives.

The information has been released by Nicor Afinta during a press conference held on Sunday, 2 October 2022. Multiple videos wherein the audience is rushing to save their lives are explored on the Internet leaving its viewers devastated. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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