Bridget Barthelemy, the ex of Jason Williams, is the little woman of Sidney Barthelemy. She is as of now on the promotion through web-based leisure.

Barthelemy stood as much as affirm her knowledge on her ex’s evaluation points. Her ex Jason, a lead prosecutor of Orleans Parish, was captured for cost misrepresentation.

Fortunately, a Jury discovered Jason, Orleans Parish District Legal professional, trustworthy of responsibility extortion prices. WDSU superior group introduced all of the authorized disputes linked with Bridget and Jason.

Who Is Bridget Barthelemy? Sidney Barthelem Daughter Bridget Barthelemy is called the woman of Sidney Barthelemy and the ex of District Legal professional Jason Williams.

Her dad is an American legislator and the earlier Mayor of New Orleans. The earlier particular person from the Louisiana State Senate (1974-1978) was a person from the Democratic Social gathering.

Bridget’s child father was the third child amongst six children in a Creole household. He was moreover the overseer of the Division of Welfare beneath the administration of Mayor Moon Landrieu.

Being the second African-American Mayor of New Orleans, Sidney began his Mayoral expression beneath a number of situations. Bridget bought motivation from her dad.

She usually appreciates her dad as her golden calf.

Does District Legal professional Jason Williams Ex Spouse Bridget Barthelemy Have A New Husband? Bridget Barthelemy is the ex of Jason Williams, the District Legal professional. As of late, a Jury half cleared all extortion prices of Jason.

She as of late stood agency for her vital different within the expense misrepresentation case in court docket. Bridget clarified for the court docket about Jason’s financial situation on the enduring time. She additional added she would regularly get money from a protected at his workplace.

In any case, Bridget didn’t present curiosity in addressing all inquiries. Ralph Capetili, her authorized counselor, gave transient knowledge to WDSU about her declaration.

Her higher half is accessible on Twitter beneath the username @RunWithJason. William, the Orleans Paris head prosecutor, is a person from the Democratic Social gathering.

As per Nola, a jury half cleared his authorities cost prices in opposition to him, clearing all of the extortion instances that loomed over him earlier than the 2020 political choice. Round then, he was in New Orleans.

The ten crime accusations in opposition to Williams and his co-litigant, lawyer Nicole Burdett, asserting that they schemed to lower Williams’ evaluation threat by greater than $200,000 north of 5 progressive years, had been all absolved by the jury.

Jason’s political vocation started from being a person from the Democratic Social gathering. He functioned as a person from New Orleans Metropolis from March 15, 2014, to January 11, 2021.

Bridget Barthelemy Age-Her Wiki Bio Bridget Barthelemy is as of now 48 years of age.

Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot of knowledge about her life through web-based leisure. Barthelemy recorded a separation in opposition to Williams in 2014 following six years of marriage. The court docket completed their separation in 2016.

As per Bridget, her higher half dated her in 2013 and reduce off their friendship in 2014. Barthelemy assured she was a housewife who habitually visited Williams’ workplace to drag out money from the protected.

Williams is confronting an expense declare, nevertheless Barthelemy’s appears to be irrelevant in mild of the truth that she was blamed for purposely failing to file a return for the 2019 fiscal 12 months.

Barthelemy claims that she found that Williams had taken out a catastrophe safety technique on her following their separation. She stated she knew nothing in regards to the insurance coverage contract and that he assigned himself because the recipient.

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