Fans were inquisitive about Mahiru Seki when Nazuna displayed suspicion toward him in Call of the Night Episode 9 and raised questions about his identity. Despite expectations that Episode 10 would focus more on Mahiru, Seri Kikyo, the second vampire introduced in the series after Nazuna Nanakusa, received all of the attention. Seri’s transformation into the person who was going to take Yamori’s life left a horrible impact. She is no longer a threat, though, having discovered the truth about Nazuna and Yamori’s connection. “No Fair” is the title of Call of the Night Episode 9.

Call of the Night Episode 10

In the opening scene of episode 9, Seri Kikyo was annoyed by someone who kept contacting her to inquire about her whereabouts. She was glad to see Yamori standing apart from her though. Seri attempted to jump and hug Yamori, but Nazuna abruptly stopped her. Nazuna wanted to know why Seri wanted to get along with Yamori if it went against her code of not getting along with humans in the first place after a brief altercation.

Yamori decided to follow Seri to find out what was upsetting her after she made an explanation and left. A mystery person who kept hammering on the door disturbed Seri and Yamori’s singing session. The former disclosed that the individual is one of her admirers who has gotten in her way. Seri intended to kill this individual, but Yamori abhors bloodshed, so he saved the man and led him away from the karaoke bar to a remote location.

He told everything about himself, including how he met Seri, after disclosing his name to be Akiyama. Akiyama initially acquainted Seri as a friend, but he later developed an obsession with her and fell in love. While flooding Seri’s inbox with numerous texts as a result of overthinking, Akiyama informed Yamori that he wasn’t acting sanely. Seri’s actual self, where she has many parallels with Nazuna, was revealed in Call of the Night episode 9 before the audience.

Seri made an effort to follow her vampire code of avoiding becoming friends with humans, but friendship was something she had always desired. Seri had the option of killing Akiyama, but she decided against it since she considered him a friend and didn’t want other vampires to learn of their relationship for fear that it may endanger Akiyama’s life. Overall, the episode was quite entertaining and kept the viewers hooked throughout it. Follow our site for more updates.

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