Celine Dion is giving her fans a one-two punch with her latest announcement.

On Thursday the “My Heart Will Go On” singer revealed the release date of her new film, Love Again, which will be out May 12 according to the Vegas veteran’s Instagram page.


“See you at the films!,” added the post, marked “Team Celine.”

“Celine is starring alongside @priyankachopra and @samhueghan and releasing new music for the romantic parody LOVE AGAIN (new title!) coming to cinemas May 12 (new date!).”

Dion’s team also included a French translation of the Canadian’s social media feed, which goes out to 5.1 million fans.

In the shared film still, the multi-platinum artist is seated on a sofa in comfortable, burgundy attire, her hair pulled back in a low bun, looking like she’s giving motherly advice to Scottish actor Sam Hueghan, 42. Also sharing the adoration, Priyanka Chopra took to Instagram to communicate her own energy for the film, which is especially geared toward Dion.

“Anyone who realizes me knows the amount I love @celinedion,” Chopra, 40, composed. “I’m glad to such an extent that our film will feature new music from the wonder herself! Yay @samheughan we did it!!!”

According to Entertainment Week by week, Chopra stars as a despondent widow who has started texting the wireless number of her ex-love.

Unknown to her, the messages are actually gotten by Heughan’s character, who is also going through similar heartbreak.

The two then supposedly fall in adoration thanks to the music and influence of the Titanic legend.

Dion’s news follows her April announcement that she would have to cancel her 2022 visit because of chronic weakness — after initially canceling the initial time around because of Coronavirus.

“Howdy everyone, well here we are again,” she shared in a heartfelt video. “Please accept my apologies however we have to change our visit plans for Europe.”

The Canadian singer then explained why: “My health issues that are causing us to postpone a few shows and we have to cancel some as well, unfortunately.”

Dion also shared more insight into how her recuperation has been going.

“Fortunately I’m doing somewhat better yet it’s exceptionally going extremely sluggish, and it’s extremely frustrating for me,” she said. “You realize I’m getting treatment from my primary care physicians, taking medication however I’m actually experiencing a few spasms and it’s taking significantly longer for me to recuperate than I had trusted.”

“I should be in top shape when I’m onstage, I honestly can’t wait, however I’m only not there yet,” the singer continued.

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