In 2015, Chelsea Rustad, an occupant from Tumwater, Washington, utilized a decades-old Halloween {photograph} of herself to take part in a Parentage DNA problem, profitable herself a DNA “spit unit” and using it to assemble an open website referred to as GEDmatch. Rustad’s DNA was subsequently utilized by analysts to interface proof from the crime location to her cousin, transporter William Lord Talbott II.

Following that, Talbott was sentenced for 2 contains of murder in 10 years previous occasion of a Canadian couple. He was condemned to life in jail in June 2019, making him the principal particular person to be sentenced due to genealogical examination.

CBS 48 Hours narratives the unusual story of Chelsea Rustad in an episode named An Distinctive within the Family tree. The authority define of the episode, which was initially delivered on November 20, 2021, states:

This text will moreover plunge into the examination that prompted the seize of William Baron Talbott II using Chelsea Rustad’s DNA.

Chelsea Rustad’s quest for her familial roots assisted specialists with settling a decades-old virus case

In 2013, 31-year-old Chelsea Rustad utilized the online to manufacture a genealogical report and get extra conversant in her familial historical past, discovering that her foundations prolonged from Washington State by way of North Dakota and again to Norway.

Rustad’s hunt drove her to affiliate with quite a few far off kin and even attain out to a bunch of her second cousins who lived in Snohomish Province. That was the purpose at which she initially went over the identify of her cousin brother William Lord Talbott II, who she accepted had a peculiar lifestyle all alongside. She allegedly let CBS know that:

After two years, Chelsea Rustad participated in a Parentage DNA problem to current {a photograph} of herself from when she was 5. She was dressed as a ballet dancer on Halloween and received herself a free dwelling DNA check unit, the implications of which affirmed the household line.

Rustad then, at that time, posted her crude DNA from the unit to a website referred to as GEDmatch, the place purchasers can share their outcomes in an open knowledge set. Nonetheless, she uncared for to search out any new kin, a circumstance that earlier than lengthy totally different after chilly case investigators utilized an identical DNA profile to interface her to an unimaginable who had been dodging fairness for fairly a very long time.

A very long time again, in 1987, Tanya Van Cuylenborg and Jay Prepare dinner’s our bodies have been present in two totally different Washington State areas after the couple disappeared whereas out and about from English Columbia to Seattle. Tanya was supposedly r*ped previous to being shot within the head, whereas Jay was overwhelmed and choked to demise. At that time, unfamiliar DNA exams from semen discovered on Tanya’s clothes have been gathered for added examination.

Specialists have been left in obscurity for round twenty years after the instance uncared for to match anybody within the police knowledge set. The case stayed perplexing for a extremely very long time. Nonetheless, in 2018, brokers selected to make the most of hereditary parentage to search out DNA exams that have been indistinguishable from the one which was recovered from the murder scene.

Ensuing analysis on the DNA reasoned that it was hereditarily like two examples presently within the framework. A type of examples had a spot with Chelsea Rustad, finally driving specialists to her subsequent cousin, William Baron Talbott II. The final’s DNA was an excellent match to the one from the crime location, who was indicted for 2 counts of murder and condemned to 2 life phrases.

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