An armed 22-year-old Colorado man was shot and killed by police after crashing his car and seemed to be having a mental breakdown, as seen in recently released videos. American, British, and New Zealander Christian Glass dialed 911 after colliding with a ditch in the sleepy mountain community of Silver Plume late on June 10 and expressing his “terrified” state to the responding officers. He told the dispatcher, “I’m caught in a dangerous spot and I will be killed,” and that he was sure that he was being followed by eerie figures.

Christian Glass

Christian responded, “I’m going to have to slay some skin-walkers,” alluding to the Navajo mythology’s shape-shifting witches. “I might be in danger if I got out of the automobile… It’s just dreadful. I’m very terrified. I appreciate you being here with me, he said to the dispatcher. In order to defend himself against his alleged oppressors, Glass later admitted to having guns in the car. He made the assurance that he was “not dangerous,” though.

I have a rubber mallet, a hammer, and two knives, Glass assured the dispatcher that he was not violent and promised to keep his hands out of the way until the police came. In the video clip, one of the officers was heard saying, “No, dude, we are not going to shoot you”. However, the man was too scared to get out of his SUV. Replying calmly through a crack in his driver’s window, Glass said that he is terrified. At the arrival of more police officers, Glass even held his hands in a heart shape.

In radio messages, a Colorado State Police Officer said that there was no reason to breach the car because no crimes had been committed and that Glass did not appear Suicidal, homicidal, or a great danger. Five minutes later, officers smashed open Glass’s car door and removed him from the vehicle. It resulted in the young boy picking up a knife. The officers were heard telling Glass to drop the knife but the latter kept screaming in terror and swung his head around to look at the officers surrounding his vehicle.

In the meantime, one officer said, “someone tases his ass!”. Later, one of the officers unloads a flurry of shots at Glass. The autopsy report suggests that Glass died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. Keep following Social Telecast to get more such latest updates and the latest news. Stay tuned!

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