Country singer Amanda Jordan has been dating her sweetheart T. Powell Hedley for four years — and that means he knows well exactly the amount of a wreck she can be once in a while.

“Goodness yeah, he realizes I’m a trump card,” Jordan, 26, tells Individuals.

“I can be grumpy and careless, yet I’m exceptionally delicate and I’m never going to hurt someone I love. At the point when I love someone, I love profoundly, and he knows that.”

This reality fits impeccably within Jordan’s new single “Break Your Heart,” for which Individuals is solely premiering the new music video.

“I think it’s simply a song about adoration and giving someone a chance,” says Jordan, who performed her single “I Pick You” on season 26 of The Bachelor.

“I think it’s also a pleasant message for folks to take that shot because you won’t ever be aware.”

For Jordan, having the song land in her lap was a dream materialized, as its songwriters — Jimmy Robbins, Nicolle Galyon and Kelsea Ballerini — are something of a Nashville dream team.

“I listened to the demo of ‘Break Your Heart’ and I just read the words and I really related to it,” she explains. “I saw myself in these verses. And for me, authenticity is so important in my relationship and in my fellowships and in my music. And so I just experienced passionate feelings for it. And when I figured out who composed it, that was only the cherry on top.”

She laughs. “I mean, I grew up playing ‘Love Me Like You Mean It’ and ‘Peter Pan,’” she says of the Ballerini’s past hits. “Each old neighborhood bar gig, I played those, even to an audience with simply my mother and grandma.” Born and raised in Smiths Falls, Ontario yet presently living in Nashville, Jordan says that she was always singing growing up.

“My mother likes to recount the narrative of when I was year and a half old and my caregiver revealed that I was singing, ‘No one Realizes the Difficulty I’ve Found’ in my bunk,” Jordan recalls with a laugh. “My mother didn’t trust her until later that evening. I don’t know what inconveniences I was going through at year and a half old, yet I’ve been singing from that point forward.”

And sing she does on “Break Your Heart,” whose video treatment was dreamed up by chief Grant Claire. “The minute I read [the video treatment], it was exactly what I was envisioning,” she says.

“It’s actual literal, yet all the same tomfoolery and lighthearted. I was able to get into all these various roles.

And in addition to the fact that I got to utilize my acting abilities portraying these characters and temperament of the song, yet I got to play spruce up, which is kind of tomfoolery.”

Having as of late added acting to her list of qualifications via roles in a progression of movies including Hallmark’s Feeling Butterflies, Jordan was able to play several unique characters in the music video, all of which included new outfits, hairstyles and shoes. “My stylist, Kayla Goldman, picked all the outfits,” explains Jordan. “She was sending me pictures to two or three days before the shoot, so we kind of did that together.  She’s fantastic and so creative and she just crushed all those outfits.” Obviously, the one-day video shoot had its challenges.

“Finding 20 pounds of candy hearts for the video wasn’t easy,” she recalls of one scene in particular that finds her swiping candy hearts to the ground.

“I found out about each candy store and couldn’t find them. It probably would’ve been easier to shoot this in February!”

By Graham Tyler

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