Dubious drag queen James Brown has said he has bought a Range Rover as his new whip.

Recall how James Brown, a notable way of life blogger, answered a supporter who asked about his orientation and the probability of a month to month cycle?


Fans scrutinized the drag queen’s orientation after he stated in a progression of recordings that he was a lady.

James Brown featured his orientation on his Instagram page while giving what he asserted evidence to the individuals who don’t trust him.

Oneself broadcasted Princess of Africow ventured into his clothing and took out a tampon, which he says he utilizes for his month to month time spans.

James Brown is a notable Nigerian drag queen who has utilized online entertainment to lay out a standing and brand for himself.

Behind his previous guardian Bobrisky, James Brown is presently viewed as Nigeria’s second most popular drag queen.

James Brown was as of late at the center of attention for hauling his senior partner Bobrisky after the last option expressed in a Snapchat video that he burned through N75 million on hair and cosmetics alone.

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