Danica Weeks Wikipedia: A Netflix docuseries reveals the existence of Danica as she misplaced her important different in a MH370 crash in 2014.

Danica Weeks is a neighborhood of Napier, New Zealand, whose title got here into the media conspicuousness after being perceived because the partner of particular person Kiwi Paul Weeks.


Tragically, Danica misplaced her higher half within the MH370 crash. The airplane that conveyed 238 vacationers, together with W Paul, was by no means discovered after it disappeared on Stroll 8, 2014.

A Netflix collection named MH370: The Aircraft That Vanished functions paperwork to recreate the night of the vanishing and researches three of essentially the most disputable hypotheses about what may have occurred.

Danica Weeks was the partner of Kiwi Weeks, who died within the 370 Malaysian flight crash. Danica’s age has not been uncovered, as her introduction to the world subtleties keep a secret.

As mentioned earlier than, Danica was a neighborhood of Napier, New Zealand, but she moved to Noosa, Australia, proper at 10 years previous. Apparently, she lived in Noosa when she initially ran over particular person Kiwi Paul Weeks.

Danica and Paul turned hopelessly enamored not lengthy after realizing each other, they usually later sealed the deal and settled down round Perth.

As we most likely are conscious, she was in style for being the partner of Paul. Paul was a gifted mechanical specialist working within the digging and growth companies for north of twenty years.

After his vanishing, Danica likewise was a backer for the teams of various vacationers and group people and, surprisingly, arrange a beneficent institution in her late partner’s reminiscence.

Danica Weeks and her late partner, Paul Weeks, had been hitched till his demise in 2014. They likewise had their very personal cheerful group. Danica and Paul turned guardians with out precedent for September 2010 subsequent to inviting a toddler named Lincoln.

In like method, the group of three was expanded to 4 when Danica and her higher half introduced forth one other child named Jack in April 2013. The Weeks household confronted a horrible episode of their life after they misplaced Paul in 2014.

Upon the arrival of the flight, Danica drove Paul to Perth Worldwide Air terminal, the place he actually have a look at in for his journey to Beijing, China. From that time, Paul was due to catch a corresponding flight to Ulaanbaatar.

Additionally, Paul was feeling nice, they usually embraced and mentioned their farewells earlier than he bossed by safety. In addition to, his higher half Danica portrayed Paul as a devoted partner and Father who cherished investing the vast majority of his vitality together with his cheerful household.

Paul Weeks partner, Danica Weeks, was depressing to listen to the perception about her higher half’s demise. It’s sure that she really misses her confederate, nonetheless considerably, she has continued on towards stay in New Zealand.

As indicated by NZ Messenger, Danica has proactively discovered love as she is hitched to Perth producer John Crinion. Danica and John secured the bunch in February 2020 at a service on the Daylight Coast.

Danica’s little one Lincoln performed Right here Comes the Girl on the piano whereas his different little one Jack was the ring conveyor. As to relationship, Danica and John met on the courting web site Congruity and obtained participated in 2019.

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