David Miscavige is the American head of the Congregation of Scientology, and he claims the Scientology and Dianetics trademarks and copyrights. He is RTC’s Executive of the Board (Strict Innovation Place). Miscavige started his vocation as a representative to the congregation’s organizer, L. Ron Hubbard. There are various charges against him, yet he has denied them all.

David Miscavige Biography David Miscavige was born on April 30, 1960, in Bucks Area, Pennsylvania, to Ron and Loretta Miscavige. He experienced childhood in New Jersey’s Willingboro Municipality.


Miscavige experienced sensitivities and asthma as a kid. He used to be a football and baseball player. His family joined the Congregation of Scientology in 1971.

David Miscavige Age, Level, Weight David Miscavige was born on April 30, 1960, and will be 62 years of age on September 18, 2022. His level is 1.6 meters and his weight is 70 kilograms.

Celebrated Name: David Miscavige
Real Name/Full Name: David Miscavige
Gender: Male
Age: 62 years
Birth Date: 30 April 1960
Birth Place: Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality: American, Italian
Height: 1.6 m
Weight: 70 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse (Name): Shelly Miscavige (m. 1980)
Children: N/A
Profession: The leader of the Church of Scientology net
Net Worth in 2022: $2 million last last

Vocation David Miscavige started leading reviewing meetings in Scientology when he was 12 years of age. He exited school when he was 16 and joined the Ocean Organization. He used to convey wires, take photos, keep up with the grounds, and serve food there. Following that, he joined Commodore’s Courier Association.

In 1977, he was recruited as the cameraman for L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology preparing films. He proceeded to turn into the top of Commodore’s Courier Association two years after the fact (CMO). By 1980, he had taken over as CMO after Hubbard had quit going to the association’s occasions.

He was then responsible for various different administrations, including monetary issues. Miscavige established the Strict Innovation Place and Creator Administration Inc. in 1982. This likewise brought about the foundation of the Congregation of Otherworldly Innovation. Following Hubbard’s passing in 1986, he turned into the head of the Scientology association.

Miscavige is currently the Executive of the Strict Innovation Place’s Governing body. He then fabricated or rebuilt holy places in various nations all over the planet. He was likewise instrumental in the arrangement of Level Structure, Scientology’s otherworldly base camp.

David Miscavige Accomplishments and Grants Being the head of the Congregation of Scientology is one of David Miscavige’s most striking profession achievements. He has never gotten an honor in his vocation. He is additionally the world’s most youthful Scientology inspector. He was fruitful in laying out the Strict Innovation Community and introducing the Super Power Building.

David Miscavige’s Total assets in 2022 David Miscavige’s total assets is assessed to be $2 million as of September 2022. The Congregation of Scientology’s chief started his vocation early on and was likewise named the “most youthful Scientology evaluator.” He was fruitful in laying out the Strict Innovation Community and the Level Structure.

Miscavige has put forth various attempts to grow Scientology and has laid out chapels in various different nations all through his vocation. Be that as it may, his association has not been perceived as a non-benefit and has been blamed for tax avoidance.

David Miscavige is one of the world’s most notable church pioneers. A few claims have been evened out against him, yet he has kept the greater part from getting them. Despite the fact that his relatives have left Scientology, he stays the most well known individual in the Congregation of Scientology.

David Miscavige’s Better half, Marriage Michele Diane “Shelly” Miscavige is David Miscavige’s better half. His better half is likewise an Ocean Organization part. Nonetheless, she has not been found out in the open since August 2007, and it has been accounted for that she has filled a few opportunities without her significant other’s consent. David is near Tom Voyage and filled in as best man at his wedding.

Miscavige appreciates skeet shooting and has various different interests. In the Congregation of Scientology, he has been blamed for various unlawful practices. Many articles about him have showed up in the St. Petersburg Times. Notwithstanding the charges, he has seldom addressed the press about them.

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