22 years following 3-year-old Valuable stone Bradley disappeared shut by her 10-year-old sister Tionda on July 6, 2001, a Houston-based woman has now approached guaranteeing she is Jewel. Beginning round 2023, Jewel Bradley could be 25 years of age.

In view of the examination led by the FBI, the left half of the 3-year-old’s scalp had a scar. The woman professing to be Valuable stone likewise has a scar throughout. The woman has supposedly submitted cheek swabs and fingerprints to the FBI for a DNA take a look at.


A TikTok video has changed into an online sensation on varied levels the place the woman professing to be Valuable stone glances on the pictures of the lacking younger girls with a Harris Area Constable’s car remaining near them. The singular recording the video calls for the woman to point out the scar, and the woman asserts that the scar really exists.

The woman professing to be Valuable stone Bradley reached her extraordinary auntie, Sheliah Bradley-Smith, on Fb. Whereas addressing ABC7, Bradley-Smith expressed that she acquired a number of calls from a woman dwelling in Harris District, Texas. Sheliah added:

“She principally mentioned that she was in a car and being round Tionda for a while, nonetheless at that time she mentioned she was eliminated and at no level ever noticed her sooner or later.”

Bradley-Smith likewise requested that the woman deal with the police as she was not ready to be a bit of a trick. She has been working a number of Fb pages that intend to search for Jewel and Tionda.

Whereas Bradley-Smith affirmed that DNA assessments had been taken from the woman, she moreover supplied thanks to each one of many individuals who have reached her regarding the TikTok video. Expressing that she has a deep understanding of the video, Bradley-Smith added:

“Due to the responsiveness of the matter, kindly allow time for the DNA outcomes to be completed. Maintain imploring and remaining optimistic.”
In a gathering with CBS 2, Sheliah Bradley-Smith mentioned all through the long run, round 12 people have asserted that they’re Jewel Bradley and Tionda Bradley. Nonetheless, as per Sheliah, the woman from Houston has completed one thing which by no means occurred in 22 years.

Bradley-Smith mentioned that she by no means noticed anyone so anxious to interrupt the entryways of the FBI to reveal her character. As indicated by Chicago Solar Occasions, the woman “burned by means of two hours at a police headquarters and later went to the FBI to complete DNA testing.”

In 2019, when Bradley’s household was all of the whereas in search of the 2 younger girls, they discovered one other expectation for a quick time-frame when a woman named LayLay Rodriguez assured she was Tionda Bradley.

LayLay was moreover from Texas. The household shared a Fb submit, saying that the information gave through on-line leisure concerning the woman professing to be Tionda was bogus. They added:

“We belief that every one will carry on giving any suggestions as to be whereabouts of Valuable stone and Tionda Bradley. We thanks the Native space, the Policing, the Information that coated this deplorable lie. We additional thank the Confidential Agent and all suggestions that got to open these reliable to this terrible and malicious demonstration.”

Valuable stone Bradley and Tionda Bradley disappeared in 2001 from their South Facet condominium when the younger girls’ mother, Tracey, was not at house. Whereas the case has been being scrutinized, no leads have been tracked down over the newest 22 years. The sisters’ mother acquired again and located a observe the place it was composed that the sisters have been going to the shop and the college jungle gymnasium.

As per Bradley-Smith, it seems to be weird that Tionda left a observe for the reason that spelling and accentuation have been excessively cutting-edge for anyone who was as but a teenager.

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