Diana Tamayo was one of the six people who was blamed for taking more than $3 million worth of merchandise from the places of youthful Hollywood stars like Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Orlando Sprout.

They purportedly utilized the web and Hollywood star guides to find the homes of big names and afterward took advantage of their timetables to pick the best second to loot them.


On September 21, 2022, Netflix is set to deliver a three-section narrative named The Genuine Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist, reproducing the jokes of these craftiness Hollywood robbers and highlighting first-individual stories from several the Bling Ring individuals.

A portion of the Bling Ring individuals are almost difficult to nail down, even with the commonness of online entertainment; Courtney Ames has in essence vanished from the public eye.

Full Name Diana Tamayo
Profession Fitness Trainer
Known For Member of the Bling Ring
Age 32 years old
Arrested Year In 2009
Nationality Mexican
School Indian Hills High School
Marital Status Married

Where could Diana Tamayo from The Bling Ring Today be?As per sources, Diana Tamayo, who entered a not blameworthy request, was condemned to a trial period and local area administration for her contribution in the Bling Ring exercises. She was anxious about the possibility that that in light of her wrongdoings, she would be ousted.

Nick Prugo affirmed that Diana Tamayo was once utilized to enter a big name home “by means of a canine entryway” because of her modest size (through The New York Times.)

As per Day to day News, the protection group for the supposed thief had before guaranteed that Tamayo’s family would confront “migration suggestions” in the event that she didn’t concede to being engaged with the break-in at Lindsay Lohan’s home.

Her latest assertion, which she gave to The Everyday Monster in 2013, both praised her new life pathways and consciously requested some isolation. Diana is a pleased nutritionist/fitness coach who is presently cheerfully hitched and has tracked down areas of strength for a. She needs to keep carrying on with her life beyond the spotlight.

The adolescents and youthful grown-ups in their 20s have been the focal point of a couple of narratives and films since their captures in 2010. Police records express that Rachel Lee was excused as the team’s thought instigator when every one of the seven suspects entered a not blameworthy supplication.

As per sources, each individual from the notorious pack finished their sentences in jail.

Realities About Diana Tamayo Diana had previously been discovered shoplifting before she partook in a wrongdoing with the Bling Ring. Tamayo stood apart from the other female in the ring. She and her family lived in one of a handful of the high rises in the neighboring Calabasas.

A couple of months prior to joining her companions and cohorts Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo to break into a big name’s home interestingly, she filled in as class president in 2008.
She was likewise named “best grin” in the Indian Slopes yearbook for 2007.

The Bling Ring, a film by chief Sofia Coppola, depends on a 2010 Vanity Fair article about Tamayo and her kindred young crooks. Yet, the film makes no notice of Tomayo’s insight.
Rachel Lee, alongside Nick Prugo and Diana Tamayo, was blamed for denying Lindsay Lohan of her Hollywood Slopes Spanish-style home the evening of August 23, 2009. Almost $130,000 worth of gems and attire were taken.

As indicated by a court order, when officials inspected her previous home, a humble rental loft close to the turnpike 15 minutes west of Calabasas, they found Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton packs, Paris Hilton-marked fragrance, and four sets of extravagance shoes. At the point when a journalist went there to talk with her, Ms. Tamayo declined.

The New York Times announced in 2009 that Diana was 19 years of age. In this way, as per a basic estimation, she might be 32 years of age at the present time. Diana was likewise relegated with 60 days of local area administration

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