ElectroBoom’s total assets is around $867,000 starting around 2022.His video contains his entertaining, excruciating instructional exercises of electric tests where he is much of the time seen getting electric shocks.

The Youtuber generally makes a situation where shock or fire is seen while doing the investigation, which is finished to mindful individuals of the risks of power when it isn’t dealt with accurately.


Assessing ElectroBoom’s Total assets Top At $867,000 ElectroBoom is a YouTuber who has a total assets of $867,000.

The thousand bucks he has amassed is because of his profession as a YouTuber. He acquires through the perspectives he collects on his Youtube channel or the promotion income it creates.

Real Name Mehdi Sadaghdar
Known Name ElectroBoom
Date Of Birth January 13, 1977 
Birthplace Iran
Current Residence Canada
Age 45
Profession Electrical Engineer, YouTuber
Wife Sara Nafisi
Children Yona
YouTube Channel ElectroBoom
Subscribers 5.22 million subscribers

Likewise, he additionally makes through the association and sponsorship he gets on his YouTube channel. He is seen advancing ExpressVPNs through his Youtube recordings. Thus, he could procure from it.

He is additionally seen discussing Perceptible in his new video so he could traverse this association.

Mehdi Sadaghdar, prominently known as ElectroBoom, is known for his video’s electric shock and fire.

He started his excursion on Youtube by opening his channel, ElectroBoom, on June 24, 2007. Mehdi transferred his most memorable video, You can definitely relax, it’s simply ESD! (Electrostatic Release) transferred on April 7, 2012. The video has around 4.5 million perspectives in it.

His most well known video is The means by which NOT to Make an Electric Guitar (The Perils of Power), transferred on August 23; it has accumulated 18 million perspectives.

The YouTuber’s recordings get a hundred thousand to 1,000,000 perspectives and have been preferred by individuals. He appears to transfer his content consistently.

He additionally has one more YouTube channel called Mehditation, which was opened on Walk 21, 2018.

He transferred his most memorable video on the divert in Presentation transferred on April 18, 2018, in which he discussed any subject he might want to examine.

A portion Of His Famous YouTube Recordings

How NOT to Make an Electric Guitar (The Hazards of Electricity) 18 million views
Making Jacob’s Ladder to Celebrate a million subs 15 million views
7 million Volt Taser (stun….thingy)!!! 9.9 million views
Just try and make your coil-gun (Accelerator) 9.8 million views
Making a Heated Seat 8.2 million views
Vaccine Magnetic Powers #shorts 7.8 million views
The Pain of Electricity (AC versus DC) 7.3 million views
Graphite and its Awesome properties 7.2 million views
How to make a Taser (Stun gun) 6.7 million views

As per the social cutting edge, he procures about $1800 – $29,100 consistently, while by and large, he acquires about $21,800 – $348,800 consistently.

Also, he makes $20 – $314 month to month through his next channel, Mehditation, and about $236 – $3,800 yearly. He has around 5.22 million supporters on his Youtube channel, Electricboom, and around 394k endorsers on his Youtube channel, Mehditation.

Studs from Electricboom

Yearly Earnings $21,800 –  $348,800
Monthly Earnings $1,800 –  $29,100
Weekly earnings $424  –  $6,800
Daily Earnings $61  –  $969

Income from Mehditation

Yearly Earnings $236  –  $3,800
Monthly Earnings $20  –  $314
Weekly earnings $5  –  $73
Daily Earnings $20  –  $314

ElectroBoom Is Hitched To His Better half, Sara ElectroBoom is hitched to his significant other, Sara Nafisi.

Mehdi wedded his significant other Sara on September 16, 1999. They have been hitched for around 23 years and are living cheerfully with one another.

He scarcely shares about his better half, marriage, and individual life on his Youtube channel or to his fans and supporters.

He invests quality energy with his other half and takes some time off and occasions with his significant other. The couple likewise has a little girl and are seen enjoying celebrations and occasions with one another.

The YouTuber imparted an image to his significant other and girl wishing a Persian new year to the ElectroFamily. He trusts that everybody has a vastly improved year from this point forward.

Sara pretty searches in the image and has a blissful family with Mehdi. There isn’t a lot of data with respect to Sara.

Who Is ElectroBoom’s Girl, Yona? ElectroBoom has a little girl named Yona.

Yona has emulated her dad’s example and has a YouTube. Mehdi loves her little girl and imparted pictures to her when he got the brilliant play button from YouTube to get 1,000,000 endorsers.

He opened the Youtube channel for her girl on June 2, 2016. He shared that he had made YouTube for her little girl on Reddit.

His little girl was otherwise called Shock, and her channel is likewise named Shock. Yona transferred her most memorable video Making a Tooth Brush Robot, on June 3, 2016, and it has 190k perspectives in it.

Her most famous video, Making an Electromagnet, was transferred on September 12, 2016. There are just three recordings on her channel; the keep going transferred video was on October 16, 2017.

She appears to zero in a bigger number of on her school and training than her Youtube channel. She could come to Youtube in the wake of having the option to zero in on it and educating simultaneously. Yona is by all accounts a science fan and could try like her father.

Where Could ElectroBoom From be? ElectroBoom is from Pahlavi, Iran, yet he at present dwells in Vancouver, English Columbia, Canada.

He was born on January 13, 1977, in Iran. He is right now 45 years of age. Mehdi went to the College of Tehran and graduated with a Lone wolf of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) from the College in 1999.

The YouTuber likewise has an Expert of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.) certification from Simon Fraser College in 2006. He is an electrical architect, however he has acquired consideration and acclaim through his Youtube channel, Electiceboom.

The YouTuber has abilities in Mechanization, Gadgets, and Assembling. Likewise, she has abilities in Auto, Security, Contradicting message, Implanted Frameworks, Equipment Engineering, and Maker improvement.

ElectroBoom started his vocation by filling in as Equipment Improvement Architect in VTech from 2005 till 2007. During his work he needed to plan and test handheld cordless telephone hardware.

He then wokred as Baseband Improvement Specialist in Vtech Designing Canada for around one year eleven months. While functioning as a Baseband Improvement Specialist he needed to configuration, check and investigate cordless telephones from idea to assembling.

Additionally, he likewise expected to venture out to the China to help and administer groundwork for assembling.

Mehdi additionally has insight of filling in as the Gadgets Equipment Advancement Architect in the Pacific Plan Designing for quite a long time and seven months.

The Youtuber has functioned as the Item improvement engineer in Ocean Star arrangements from 2011 till 2017 in where he used to plan hardware for controlling and vessel order frameworks.

He started his excursion in Youtube in 2016 fully intent on giving instructive and engaging recordings to public. The Youtuber started the channel to give profundity data and openness to important items and organizations.

While working for his Youtube channel he did video creation which included administration, script composing, video altering, acting, delivering, online relations and itemized designing plan of the show.

Therough his channel he did online raising money and giveaway the executives. Likewise, he additionally did virtual sign and creation coordination and the executives of Packs and Instructive devices.

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