Cricket fans will see ENG-XI VS SCO-XI in the eliminator match of the European Cricket Championship 2022. It will take place on Friday, October 14, 2022, at Cartama Oval. It is no doubt to say that the spectators were eagerly waiting for the commencement of the game and now when it is finally here, they can not seem to hold their excitement. Both England XI and Scotland XI have showcased their brilliant gameplay and skills in the previous fixtures. Let us check which team will play better in today’s game and claims the victory.


Starting our discussion with England XI, the team has won a total of 4 games. They locked horns with Spain in their previous fixture and gave a power-packed performance. With this statement, one can assume that England emerged victorious in that game and defeated their rival team by a huge margin. It is expected that they would show the same type of performance in today’s match and would try to maintain their winning streak. Due to this reason, the fans are sure that the match will be quite thrilling as both sides will put in their best possible efforts to win the game.

ENG-XI VS SCO-XI Match Details

League- European Cricket Championship
Date- October 14, 2022
Time- 5:00 PM IST
Venue- Cartama Oval

On another side, we have Scotland-XI. The team has appeared in around 8 games. Despite giving their best performance, they could only manage to defeat their rival team in two games. Yes, the team needs to improve their game skills if they need to attain victories. It has filled everyone with excitement and thrill as everyone wants to see how well the team would play in today’s game and if they manage to beat their opponent.

Playing XI

England XI: TG Keast, Tom Bevan, HD Ward, E Callis, Alex Russell, Andy Rishton, Jafer Chohan, DJ Lincoln(C), A Godsal, Mungo Russell

Scotland XI: Kess Sajjad, Liam Naylor, OJ Hairs, Taimoor Ahmad, Jack Jarvis, Chris McBride, Callum Garden, Jack Hogarth, A Neill, AC Evans(C)

Today’s match is definitely going to be a thrilling one as it would feature the teams giving their best to register a victory. Both teams have been trying to give their best in order to win the matches, they are appearing in. However, only one of the teams can emerge victorious and the other one has to feel content with the defeat. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates.

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