Erick Adame, Emmy-nominated gay meteorologist who was associated with Spectrum News “NY1, has been fired from the post he was serving due to a few over-revealing photos of him as someone sent those to his employee. The screenshot of the photos was intense enough and this is the reason, the management of the NY1 decided to fire him. It was shocking enough for him as he never ever supposed that someone will attack him in a certain manner, that he will have to lose his post. Below you could explore everything you need to know.

Erick Adame

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the news is his termination has circulated rapidly like wildfire, and therefore, an immense reaction also came out from the side of prominent faces of LGBTQ community. As they are condemning the actions of the News authority to terminate him in a certain manner without investigating the case. In short, currently, the entire social media has been blasted with the reactions as almost everyone was supporting him. But now, maybe it has too late as the actions have been made against him as the entire screenshot is still held by the management team.

Who Is Eric Adame?

Reportedly, Eric Adame shared a remorseful and long Instagram post where he mentioned everything about the circumstances, and the point where the controversy commenced. He wrote, “secretly appeared on an ad*lt webcam site and performance such actions on the camera for the other man, and meanwhile, a different user came and took a screenshot of the activities and later, made it viral at the time of sending in his company”. This is what is actually the reason behind all these, and after reading the post a few are condemning him too by saying that he should not have appeared in a certain manner, in spite of having such a prominent position in his company.

Apart from all these, a ver few are supporting him too by saying that no one had a right to take somebody’s screenshot in a certain manner if their intention is to make the screenshot viral. Because it is the personal choice of the person who wanted to appear on such sites, but it does not mean that the users have the freedom to do whatever the want. So here, we have mentioned such things which have been derived from the other significant sources, and when something will come out we will update you, stay tuned with us to know more, do follow Social Telecast.

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