Kolkata, Sep 17 (IANS) A blast occurred on the top of a school in West Bengal’s Titagarh on Saturday while classes were on, yet there were no wounds.

At around 1 p.m., the instructors and the understudies of the Titagarh Free India Secondary School heard a gigantic blast, provoking them to rush out of the structure. They likewise saw smoke from the rooftop.


The Barrackpore City Police, under which Titagarh comes, were educated and senior authorities promptly arrived at the spot.

Bomb splinters were recuperated from the rooftop.

The police are yet to determine whether the impact was from a bomb loaded on the rooftop or on the other hand in the event that anybody jumped bomb a hazardous from outside.

“Luckily, the blast occurred on the top of the school building and thus nobody was harmed. Had the blast occurred elsewhere inside the school premises, there would have been significant losses,” said an official of the Barrackpore City Police.

In the interim, political mud-throwing has begun between the decision Trinamool Congress and the resistance BJP over the episode.

“Unrefined bomb and unapproved arms are the main modern areas prospering in West Bengal. A reign of dread has been laid out in the whole state by the decision party,” said BJP Lok Sabha part Memento Chatterjee.

The neighborhood MP from Barrackpore Lok Sabha voting public, Arjun Singh, who as of late joined Trinamool Congress from BJP, said that the BJP pioneers don’t pass up on a solitary chance to defame the state and the state government.

“Nonetheless, I censure the occurrence since a significant setback might have occurred. I would demand the new chief of Barrackpore City Police, Ajay Kumar Thakur to deal with the matter genuinely, recognize those behind this blast and sort out for their discipline,” Singh said.

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