All the lovers of cricket matches here we are back with the exciting news for you. The highly anticipated match is going to be held between Finland vs Netherlands XI. The popular Dream11 ECC – International T10 league is all set to entertain its fans with an amazing match. Both the teams are coming into their own wave of victories as the clash brings uncountable privileges. All the fans are very excited to see the match and they are very curious to know about the match details. Here we have more information about the FIN vs NED-XI match details and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article.


Dream 11 ECC- International T10 is coming back once again with FIN and NED-XI. FUN will be faced against NED-XI. This match is going to be played on Thursday at Cartama Oval. Both teams are ready to defeat each other in the match for winning the trophy. If we have seen their previous matches you would you that they played all the matches amazingly. If we talk about the weather then the weather will be clean and there is no chance of rain. Currently, all the fans are very curious to know about the match details, team, time, date, venue, and other details, so let’s take a look at the match details.

FIN vs NED-XI Match Details

Team: Finland (FIN) vs Netherlands XI (NED-XI)
Date:  22nd September 2022
Day: Thursday
Time: 09:00 PM (IST) – 03:30 PM (GMT)
Venue: Cartama Oval
League: Dream11 ECC – International T10

Playing 11

Finland Possible Playing 11: 1. Muhammad Rehman, 2.Jonathan Scamans(WK)(C), 3. Mahesh Balasaheb Tambe, 4. Atif Rasheed, 5.Amjad Sher, 6.Peter Gallagher, 7.Parveen-Kumar Garhwal, 8. Nathan Collins, 9. Mohammad Asaduzzaman, 10.Areeb Abdul Quadir(WK), 11.Raaz Muhammad

Netherlands XI Possible Playing 11: 1. Musa Ahmad, 2.Ratha Alphonse(WK), 3.Boris Gorlee, 4.Saqib Zulfiqar, 5.Asad Zulfiqar(WK), 6.Sebastiaan Braat(C), 7.Clayton Floyd, 8. Olivier Elenbaas, 9. Arnav Jain, 10.Aryan Dutt, 11.Philippe Boissevain

Match Prediction

According to the report, both teams’ players are very famous and most talented and all the players are ready to give tough completion to each other in the match. Both teams are very famous among people. This match is going to be played between FIN vs NED on 22nd September 2022 from 09:00 PM (IST) – 03:30 PM (GMT) at Cartama Oval. If we talk about their recent match result then the FIN team did not win any match and on the other hand, NED-XI also did not win any match. But FIN looked in good form in recent matches. So let’s see which team will win the match against NED-XI. Follow Social telecast for more updates.


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