Hello, all the cricket enthusiasts, finally The 17th match of the Zimbabwe T10 is ready to make you feel over the top as the league is inviting those teams, which are having a great preview as GLA vs HKC is coming to compete in the recent clash. These teams are amazing on the field and almost everyone is aware of their playing skills, as all those players are coming from the side of the teams who are usually known as the game changers. Before anything, you must be keen to get the essential match details, which are given below.


Here, we have liberated the complete match details such as prediction, preview, probable XI lineups, weather, and pitch report. If we talk about the preview of the GLA (Gladiator) team so currently, they are standing at the 6th spot, and therefore if they want to get the match then they will need to do something otherwise their recent will also slip over their hand. Hence, they need to create a strict or effective game strategy because this time the opposition the HKC (Harare King Cricket Club) team is coming with an amazing preview.


Team:- GLA (GLadiators) vs HKC (Harare King Cricket Club)
League:- Zimbabwe T10 2022
Timings:- 03:50 PM IST
Date:- 13th September 2022
Day:- Tuesday
Venue:-  Harare Sports Club, Harare.
Match:- 17th

On the other, the match is holding another electrifying team HKC (Harare Sports Cricket Club), the team is holding the 2nd spot in the standings, and therefore, automatically the consequence is going into their favor because the preview is speaking out everything and nothing additional is needed to add. But if they want to maintain their consistency so they need to play in a certain manner because the players of the team are ready to prove themselves better than the opposition, and this is the reason, uncounted are talking in their favor.


GladiatorsT. Matimbe©, Mm Chikuwha, S. Nihute, O. Muzondo, Masimba Marovatsanga, Wesley Madhevere, lx Chando, Ly Masenga(wk), Naison Mare, Ph Mukabeta, Tinashe Chimbambo

Harare King Cricket ClubSK Raza©, Faraz Akram, Cs Zhuwao, Jn Campbell, Saad Khan(wk), Brad Evans, T. Musakanda, Ahsan Ali, Sh Haukoz, Mn Chikowero, Alex Falao.


After analyzing the preview of both teams, finally, the consequence has arrived while claiming the HKC (Harare King Cricket Club) as the winner one while the opposition, is all set to prove themselves better than the opposition. But the consequence is clear around 4 streaks of difference standing between the teams. Therefore, it is not hard to pronounce the team as the winner, let’s see what will happen next, and do not miss streaming the match at the correct time and stay tuned with us to know more, do follow Social Telecast.

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