Hdfriday Movie Download

Hdfriday Movie Download 2020

HdFriday or also spelled as HD Friday is a torrent or say pirated movie website that is popular for giving us Movies for free on the Internet. There are various types of hdfriday movie download options available on the website. We can choose the type of video quality we prefer to download.

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Typically we can see four types of movie streaming options on hdfriday

  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p

Apart from that, there are other options like the latest 1080p also available to stream and download.

Hdfriday Movie Download
Hdfriday Movie Download

What films does Hdfriday online have?

There cannot be a simple and specific answer to this question. It really depends on your search intent on the website. If you are looking for a 90’s Hollywood movie to download or on the other hand if you are looking for a latest 2020 movie to download, you can find both the types of movies on Hdfriday online.

There are various types of movies available on hdfriday to be downloaded. Some of the most common types of movies that can be found on HDfriday are Marathi Movies, Telugu Movies, Tamil Movies and even you may find Bollywood movies as well here!

Hdfriday Bollywood

Bollywood is a big industry. There are 100’s of films released every year, If we were to look at the stats of movies released in the recent times then you would be shocked to know that, the number is uncountable! Some movies are superhit while the others are a super flop.

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Hdfriday Bollywood does not differentiate amongst flop and hit. If a movie is released, then 9/10 times you will find it somewhere on the hdfriday website. Now, the next question is how to exactly find out the movies available on Hdfriday Bollywood? The answer is simple, just type in your query in the search box that is displayed on the website and if the movie is available in their database, for sure it will reflect on the dashboard!

Hdfriday Punjabi Movies

There are various film industries in India. Some of the most famous are Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and much more. One of them is the Punjabi Film Industry. There are various Punjabi movies ranging from the ones released from 2000 to 2020 that are available on hdfriday Punjabi movies download. People from the Punjab Part of India are quite passionate about their regional movies

Downloading movies from Hdfriday Punjabi Movies is very much easy. All you have to do is visit the latest proxy list of websites available from the list and hit the search button over there. You can then find a list of movies available in the Hdfriday Movies Database

HDfriday Proxy List

One thing we have to clear about here is that Hdfriday is an illegal website. The government has banned it a several times. But the owners of the website are very notorious. They keep on making the mirror (lookalikes) of the original website. Some of the most commonly used proxies of Hdfriday are:

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hdfriday .com

hdfriday fiz

hdfriday .im

hdfriday .in

hdfriday org

hdfriday movies com

hdfriday .org

hdfriday biz

hdfriday online

hdfriday site

hdfriday vip

hdfriday trade

hdfriday biz

hdfriday info

hdfriday ni

hdfriday ol

In case the proxies mentioned in the table do not work you may click the button below to get access to the VIP Proxies (ONLY LIMITED USERS ALLOWED)

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Is it legal and safe to download movies from Hdfriday?

No, not at all. Such websites are banned in many countries including India and other Asian countries. It is sincere advice from our side not to access such websites and even if you still want to access it, it is your own risk. We are in no way responsible for any illegal activity you do at your end.

The websites are banned alright but there is an easy way out for the people to access them. You just need a virtual private network aka VPN and you are good to go. Just connect the VPN to a country where the website is not banned (mostly European or American countries) and browse the website.

Once you are done browsing and downloading movies, you may switch off the VPN and start browsing normally as you used to previously!

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Why are websites like HdFriday Movie Download Popular?

People love free stuff and in fact who does not? And one more thing to be noted here is that people in India are crazy to watch movies. But due to their busy schedules and other reasons, they cannot afford to go to the theatre and watch movies.

Websites like Hdfriay are an easy way out for the lazy but needy people. You get movies at your fingertips and the only requirement is a good proxy and fast internet! Once you get these two things, there is no looking back for you. You can download movies in various qualities like 240p, 360p, 480p, and even 720p

So that is it for this article on Hdfriday Movie Download 2020. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and got the desired information you were actively looking for!


Piracy is an illegal thing. We at thewikibiography.com neither promote it not encourage our viewers to indulge themselves into piracy. This article has only been written for educational purpose and there is no alternate motive of writing this blog. Hope we are clear!

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