In recent news, actor Henry Silva passed away. He was 95 at the time of his death. The actor was popularly known for his appearances in the films titled Ocean’s 11 and The Manchurian Candidate. Reports confirm that henry breathed his last on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Sharing the saddening piece of news, the actor’s son Scott said that he was pronounced dead at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, California. Tributes and condolence messages have flooded the internet ever since.

Henry Silva

Taking to Twitter, Deana Martin, the daughter of Dean Martin, mourned the actor’s loss. She wrote that their hearts are broken at the loss of their dear friend and went on to describe him as one of the nicest, kindest, and most talented men she has has the pleasure of calling her friend. Adding further, she wrote that Silva was the last surviving star of the original Oceans 11 Movie. “We love you, Henry, you will be missed”, the post further read. Apart from her, other celebrities also came forward and mourned the unfortunate death of the actor. Silva’s family said that the actor died of natural causes.

Who Was Henry Silva?

The American actor was born on September 23, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He usually essayed the characters of gangsters and criminals in his films and was known for his exceptional acting skills as well. Some of his notable films include Johnny Cool, The Manchurian Candidate, Sharky’s Machine, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Ocean’s 11, and The Manchurian Candidate. Silva appeared in over 130 projects throughout his career and managed to leave his mark in the hearts of the fans.

  • Henry Silva was born on September 23, 1928, in Brooklyn.
  • He was an American actor who appeared in over 130 projects throughout his career.
  • Being an actor, Henry usually played the roles of criminals or gangsters.
  • His notable films include Ocean’s 11 (1960), The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Johnny Cool (1963), and many more.
  • In 1965, Henry was offered to star as a hero for a change by an Italian film producer.
  • Silva took his last breath on September 14, 2022, at 95.
  • He died of natural causes at the Motion Picture & Television Fund home in Los Angeles.

According to reports, the actor spoke about how his upbringing in Spanish Harlem prepared him to play the bad guy for much of his decades-long career. Talking about his prolific career, the actor said that the reason he has not disappeared is the heavies he plays are all leaders. Now, the news of his passing has surfaced all over the internet and has shattered many of his fans. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more updates.

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