Stella Damasus, a well known Nigerian entertainer and vocalist turned inspirational orator, has been hauled by virtual entertainment clients over her conjugal and relationship exhortation video, in spite of having as of late separated from her third spouse.

It was recently announced that the entertainer, who has recently hitched three distinct men, shared the video on her Instagram page.

She expressed in her separation story that she thought the man she wedded was her perfect partner.

She expected they shared a comparable outlook and could achieve anything together, however rather she was served breakfast.

Stella educated ladies to be vigilant regarding warnings and to try not to hurry into marriage.

Many individuals responded to her video by blaming her for taking the spouse of her associate, Doris Simeon.

“Counsels all over, even spouse snatchers,” Doris, absolutely not a chance. Stella, you got him since you grabbed him.” one Omareign composed

“Little kids, before you accept individuals like this, attempt and do all necessary investigation,” one toksyb4u composed.

“Be cautious what you accept; not every person is a decent persuasive orator.”

“Your perfect partner however you grabbed him from one more lady he was legitimately hitched to?” OK, we heard you.” Iamruth o composed.

“Abeg shift make I see street jooorr!” We can’t go teach what we don’t rehearse! Naso Linda teaches abstinence tire before we know what’s happening, and Na Beauty she endure shot our screen! Just Mumu puts stock in sociomedium!” lovely ify composed.

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