Sophia Momodu, the mother of Nigerian artist Davido, started shock online when she communicated her craving to be Tiwa Savage’s pet.

This happens following she saw the well known craftsman call a jewel requesting pup proprietor.

Sophia posted a video of herself in Tiwa’s redone auto with the vocalist and her dog on her Snapchat page.

The popular vocalist likewise specially made an endeavor the precious stones for her pets via telephone.

She could be heard illuminating the individual on the opposite end that she favored chains to chokers for her pets.

At the point when Sophia told Tiwa Savage she needed to be a little dog, she was unable to quit chuckling.

Nigerian model Sophia Momodu is likewise a financial specialist, brand force to be reckoned with, and the mother of Davido, a notable performer from that country.

Sophia Momodu, a Nigerian model, business person, and brand force to be reckoned with who brought forth Nigerian whiz Davido on June 9, 1987, is connected to a notable distributer and media head honcho in that country by marriage.

She is associated with Dele Momodu, a notable distributer and news big shot in Nigeria.

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