Arpita and Sundar select wedding cards for Imlie’swedding and look for Narmada’s perspective. Narmada says she is only content with an idea of Imlie’s bidayi and isn’t keen on her wedding, they can pick a card they like. Imlie strolls to them. Sundar jokes that choti chipkali/reptile will choose a card for herself. Imlie says she needs to examine about something with them. Arpita requests that she go for it. Imlie shyingly says Atharva had come to meet her. Narmada why around evening time. Imlie says he needed to talk something significant, however since she didn’t take consent from them all, she requested that he go. Arpita asks what did they talk and get going actually looking at cards. Chini respects Imlie, however Atharva came to meet her all things considered and looked for idea to dump Imlie and, surprisingly, gifted a wonderful shining neckband. She goes to actually take a look at her neckband. That’s what rupali sees and follows her.

Narmada calls Rudra and illuminates that Atharva had come to meet Imlie alone as opposed to meeting them all and says its even Atharva’s home after commitment with Imlie and he can visit them whenever, however individuals will talk sick assuming he meets Imlie alone before marriage. Rudra says he comprehends her anxiety and will address Atharva. Sundar accepts call straightaway and illuminates that Atharva met Chini prior to meeting Imlie. Rudra says thanks to him for illuminating him and guarantees to deal with the issue. He reviews Atharva misleading him the previous evening and accumulates family to examine about the issue. Rudra’s more youthful brother illuminates Atharva that Rudra has called entire family in a front room.

Chini looks for neckband and doesn’t track down it. Rupali strolls in and inquires as to whether she was as expected attempting to snatch Atharva’s gift for Imlie. Chini says Atharva gave it to her. Rupali says to give it to Imlie. She cautions Chini that she knows her game and won’t let her grab Imlie’s right once more. Rudra illuminates family that he isn’t keeping great nowadays and before his body surrenders, he needs to prepone Atharva and Imlie’s wedding for the following week. Everybody feels blissful while Atharva feels stunned. Rupali illuminates family that since Imlie and Chini do things together, even Chini can be hitched as there is a partnership for Cheeni. She shows a kid’s photograph to everybody. Atharva’s family praise him and joke that Imlie will be attached to him for life soon. Atharva won’t wed Imlie. Rudra says wedding muhurath is now fixed. However, atgharva says muhurat is fixed for propitious things, he won’t wed Imlie when he is disturbed by any stretch of the imagination and won’t inconvenience anybody.

Chini won’t wed. Rupali says Jatin is a decent sanskari kid. Chini says she won’t wed any working class kid and lead a neediness life while Imlie partakes in a rich and shower existence with Atharva. Rupali says they picked Atharva because of his sanskars and family and requests that she meet Jatin once. Chini figures she will out and out reject Jatin. Sundar illuminates Rudra that Chini consented to wed Jatin. Rudra says once Chini’s marriage gets done, Atharva and Imlie won’t be upset by her once more. That’s what atharva hears and reprimands Rudra saying he is thinking about his family as his private concern. Devika cautions him to act with his loved ones. Atharva says Rudra is getting Chini wedded even subsequent to realizing that he cherishes her. Rudra inquires as to whether he at any point attempted to figure out that Chini needs as she probably is aware about her sister’s collusion since previously and never protested it. Devika says Rupali found collusion for Chini and not them, Chini is meeting Jatin with next to no issues. Atharva figures he will explain things and won’t let his, Chini, and Imlie’s lives demolished.

Imlie asks Chini for what good reason she would rather not meet Jatin. Chini says she won’t meet any outsider very much like that.

Imlie says even Atharva was an alien to her, however presently he is everything to her. Chini inquires as to whether she thinks Arto came to meet her. Chini shyingly gestures yes. Chini says Arto came to meet her as she needed to converse with her. Rupali enters and says Atharva met Chini as he needed to gift a delightful neckband through Chini. Chini vapor seeing her jewelry going to Imlie. Imlie says she would have been blissful on the off chance that Atharva had gifted even a basic string. Rupali says Imlie more valuable than this accessory.
Chini says Atharva gifted it to her. Rupali denies. Imlie embraces and says thanks to Chini for getting Atharva’s most memorable gift for her. Chini decides to get back her accessory.

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