Annie Macaulay Idibia, a Nollywood entertainer and business person, has made a guarantee to her mom to pay tribute to her mom’s birthday.

Elegance Essien, a mother of three, praised her birthday yesterday, October first, and was showered with love from her girl.

Annie Idibia portrayed her mom as an interesting diamond and vowed to check all that off her list of must-dos and show her the world.

Annie Idibia conceded that her mom is her dearest companion, just tattle accomplice, and all the other things.

Annie respected her for continuously being there for her, for having a caring heart, for continuously letting adoration and harmony lead, and, in particular, for having a generous heart.

“Cheerful Birthday to the best mother, grandma, and mother by marriage who at any point lived!!!

“Genuine Love,” your child’s tune, says everything!! Much thanks to you for continuously being available…

Thank you for being the best grandma ever to my kids… Thank you for your good nature… For continuously permitting adoration and harmony to lead…

You are an intriguing fortune! My kids, my better half… we are so lucky to have you…

You generally put us and our requirements in front of your own… Your!!! it is Extremely Intriguing to pardon heart!!!

“I will show you the world,” Aladdin says. I vow to check all that off your list of must-dos…

I guarantee you my closest companion, my solitary tattle party… my beginning and end… I love you so much, sister! Mbok, make a wish… and I will concede it! N more.

By Graham Tyler

Graham is one of the cheif writers for our team and loves to Write about various topics in the entertainment world. He is a hobby entertainment columnist.

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