In her career, she was also a poet and novelist and, in collaboration with her husband, a playwright. Jacquetta Hopkins was born on Aug. 10, 1910, in Cambridge, which became the center of her early life. She graduated from the university with a degree in archeology and anthropology. In 1933, she married Christopher Hawkes, a professor of archeology, and they had a son, Nicolas. Her interest in archeology took her on expeditions to Palestine as well as England. During and immediately after World War II, she held several government posts and was the founder of the United Kingdom Commission for Unesco.

Her 1951 book, “A Land” (with illustrations by Henry Moore), was based on her work as archeological adviser for the Festival of Britain. In his review in the New York Times Book Review, Stanley Edgar Hyman said that Ms. Hawkes had told the “story of the shaping of the earth and the development of life with simple eloquence” and described “A Land” as “a triumph of skill as well as a work of love.” Through the next 30 years Ms. Hawkes was a prolific author, writing bold and often poetic books about archeology, geology and the history of mankind.

In 1947 she met Mr. Priestley at a Unesco conference in Mexico City. They were drawn together by the “magnetism of polarity,” said Ms. Hawkes. She divorced Mr. Hawkes, and in 1953 married Mr. Priestley. It was his third marriage. She and Mr. Priestley collaborated on several projects, including the play “Dragon’s Mouth.” When it was produced Off Broadway in 1955, Brooks Atkinson said in his review that the authors had “succeeded in writing a remarkably stimulating conversation” that was second only to Shaw’s “Don Juan in Hell.” Mr. Priestley died in 1984. Ms. Hawkes is survived by her son from her first marriage. Our team also pays her heartfelt tributes and final respects.

By Brenda Wyang

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