Jeanette Tomanka is the modified title of a killer who killed her personal schoolmate 38 years prior. Her real title was Bernadette Protti and people who know concerning the case know her by the equal.

All through the long run, there will not be many movement photos made depending on the murder story of Kirsten Costas. American producer reworked it right into a narrative known as ‘Scene Suicide’ in 1987. Additional, it was made right into a collection; ‘A Good friend to Die For’.

Likewise, ‘Demise of a Cheerleader,’ season 5 of ‘Lethal Wome’ are a few totally different actions which rely on the scandalous younger girl Bernadette or Jeanette.

The place May Jeanette Tomanka Aka Bernadette Protti At the moment be? Jeanette Tomanka Aka Bernadette Protti is liberated from jail immediately and resides with an alternate persona in her personal actuality. Bernadette modified her title to Jeanette to tug off the savages and disdain she is inclined to within the current web-based media time.

She has a phony Fb and Twitter account, the place she has modified her space. The killer doesn’t make the most of her cheap photos and makes an attempt to drive as one other particular person on them.

With Kirsten Costas’ household managing a misfortune for a lifetime, the Protti household has continued on for excellent. She went by means of the 7 years of her life in jail in accordance with the fees which is actually not well worth the existence that she’s taken.

Jeanette Tomanka Aka Bernadette Protti Age And Dad and mom Now Jeanette Tomanka, Kirsten Costas’ killer is 53 years of age in 2022. Born in 1968, she has lived half of her life as of now and is continuing with a phony character to keep away from her previous and the distress that may convey into her life.

Discussing Jeanette’s people, she has a mom named Elaine Protti. Whereas her dad’s character isn’t uncovered, she has a sister known as Virginia Protti. Their whereabouts within the yr 2022 will not be identified.

However, varied gatherings say that they’ve completely utterly modified them, shifting into a greater place with varied characters.

Kirsten Costas Homicide Story Kristen Costas was an American secondary faculty understudy who was killed by her companion Jeanette; then, at that time, Bernadette. The killer organized the episode and killed her after a celebration with a blade.

It required some funding for the police to undoubtedly attain a decision as Bernadette breezed by means of the untruth locator evaluation. By the by, they noticed a letter she’d saved in contact along with her mother, Elaine the place she admits each one in all her deeds.

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