Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson has actually surrendered that he sincerely adores pop star Dua Lipa.

The confirmation come after the Don’t Start Now performer was the subject of a request on Who Keeps up with that Ought to Be A Big shot.

During the episode, challenger Maria Master took to the seat to make an effort for the million-pound win.

Additionally, the essential request that was presented by Jeremy, 62, was, ‘who did Dua play out the uber hit single Cold Heart with?’

During the request, challenger Maria picked to use one of her lifelines and asked the group the reaction, to which 95% of them ruled for the Elton John answer.

Jeremy, on the other hand, in like manner said he knew the answer for the request.

He said ‘I knew that, I don’t have even the remotest clue how I knew. I accept I’m just focused on Dua Lipa.’

The affirmation comes after Jeremy actually appeared nearby his really long co-stars James May, 59, and Richard Hammond, 52, for The Incredible Visit’s latest film unprecedented.

By Graham Tyler

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