In recent news, a North Carolina sheriff, Jody Greene, resigned on September 30. It comes after the local news station WECT obtained a recording that disclosed that the cop made racially disparaging remarks about African American employees at his office. The sheriff has come to the headlines after the news and has become the subject of discussion too. As per the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, his recorded comments were racially derogatory, insulting, and offensive. Without any further ado, let us check all the details about the case in the article below.

Jody Greene North Carolina sheriff

It is reported that Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene recorded calling the African American employees “black b*stards” in a phone call. WECT reported that he should be fired from his position. Sources confirm that WECT gained access to the recording through Jason, who is running for the sheriff’s office. As per sources, during a phone call in 2019, Soles recorded Jody Green. The call was made after Greene narrowly won the Sheriff’s election against former Sheriff Lewis Hatcher.

What Did Jody Greene Say?

Let us tell you that the latter is black. It is said that Jody Greene was furious at the delay in assuming his duties. During the phone call, Green said, “F**k them, Black b*stards. They think I’m scared? They’re stupid. I don’t know what else to do it. So, it is just time to clean them out. There’s a snitch in there somewhere telling us what are we doing. And I’m not gonna have it. I’m not going to have it.” The controversial statement got recorded and now has become the subject of discussion among netizens.

As per reports, Greene demoted two black employees after he was sworn into the sheriff’s office and before Greene assumed his duties, the two black members were part of high-ranking command staff. In a Facebook post on Thursday, he issued a lengthy statement where he said that when Soles announced his candidacy for Sheriff, the Republican GOP of Columbus County was contacted by the Soles camp and expressed they wanted to run a clean smear-free campaign.

From the alleged 2019 recordings Soles just released, it is clear he has other methods in mind”. After the statement, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) demanded Jody’s resignation after WECT exposed the racially defamatory phone call. It is no doubt to say that the matter has become one of the trending topics on the internet. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.

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