On September 6, 2021, Duncan’s grandma documented a lacking occasion of her simple-minded grandson. Afterward, police discovered the skeleton of the lacking man.

Duncan was 23 years of age when he disappeared. Lt. Paul Burch of the Cellular County Sheriff’s Division stated that they thought of the case a manslaughter.

Joshua Duncan was 23 years of age man when he disappeared. Earlier than he was misplaced, he was seen with a person named Dennis Hicks.

Duncan knew hicks by means of the congregation. He was 53 years of age man who “is a person of curiosity.” When Duncan’s remaining components have been discovered, Hicks was free from jail, however nonetheless beneath watch.

He was indicted for twofold homicide in Wayne County, Miss. Hicks, at that time, had carried out 25 years of punishment at present in Mississippi. He shot and wounded two casualties.

Subsequent to killing two-man, Hicks left their our bodies within the storage compartment of the car. It was a sorry episode that a person on parole might in any case perform real wrongdoings.

There are quite a few hoodlums whereas on parole, perpetrate extra violations, but the police energy or your entire group a way or one other appeared to neglect to regulate this.

There must be extra legal guidelines, these must be upheld, to regulate the lawbreakers who have been sentenced for real wrongdoings and let go free from jail, however nonetheless beneath watch. Hicks was captured in November 2011.

The police acknowledged him because the killer of Duncan. He was blamed for disregarding the parole and for killing Duncan.

Dennis Hicks was condemned to demise, declared in January 2016. On the level when Hicks had nothing to say, he stated to present him capital punishment.

On August 6, 2019, Hicks was rescheduled to be condemned. Circuit Courtroom Choose John Lockett had Graddick as an unusual Choose to permit him to clarify his sentence request.

His current whereabouts aren’t identified. Be that as it could, his resentence rescheduled for August 2019 was the final replace.

In accordance with the examiners, Duncan’s physique was minimize and gutted. Hicks denied the costs and stated he was moderately aiding Duncan with enhancing.

Hicks informed that he had assisted Duncan with being autonomous as he was slow-witted and required help. He leased an area for him, permitting him to work and prepare him to drive.

Additionally, he stated, he by no means harm Duncan, and he was 100% sincere. The examiner discovered three children current within the inhabitant the place Duncan was killed.

Two of them affirmed the physique. Hicks minimize him and take away his head and fingers. The dreadful demise of Duncan surprised each particular person who hears his horrible passing.

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